Where is the reset button on an Xbox 360?

Where is the reset button on an Xbox 360? Hello, CAE is right, the system does not have a dedicated “reset” button, but turn the system off and on again. As a point of clarity, why would I need to reset the system? Using the Guide button will return the script to you from any … Read more

Can you watch a DVD on the Xbox without Internet?

Can you watch DVD on XBOX without Internet? Xbox One can play your DVD videos with Internet connecting Xbox Live and also allows you to watch DVD movies without Internet. To play DVDs on Xbox One Offline, you need to set your Xbox console to disable status. While offline, your console will not connect to … Read more

Why have I been banned on Xbox for no reason?

Why am I banned from Xbox for no reason? If you did something that violates the Microsoft Services Agreement, your account may have been suspended, or in extreme circumstances, the Xbox Live team Xbox Policy may have been banned from your device. How can I contact Xbox about a ban? Sign in to App.xbox.com with … Read more

Can I play Plants vs Zombies without Xbox Live?

Can I play plants vs zombies without Xbox Live? No, you can play without Xbox Live. However, you do need an internet connection. No, you don’t need to live to play this game, but you will be limited to playing 2 player Split Screen. Yes, but there is an offline mode. Do you need PlayStation … Read more

What Xbox 360 Games Are Worth Playing?

What Xbox 360 games are worth money? 15 Of The Hardest To Find Xbox 360 Games (And What They’re Worth) 1 NBA Elite 11 ($30,000) 2 El Chavo ($80) 3 NCAA Football 14 ($80) 4 Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Collector’s Edition ($320) 5 Fallout 3: Survival Edition ($300) ) 6 Agarese War Log: The Really … Read more

Why is my Xbox controller moving so fast?

Why is my Xbox controller moving so fast? FIX 2: Unplug your controller and reset the console when your XBOX controller goes too fast, you can unplug the controller or power off. Then restart the controller. Why does my Xbox controller keep going left? This is usually caused by bad analog sticks. In most situations, … Read more