Why do prisoners have to squat and cough?

The practice of prisoners squatting and coughing is a security measure commonly employed during strip searches in correctional facilities. The purpose of this procedure is to detect the presence of contraband items that may be concealed in the body cavities.

When a person squats and coughs, it is intended to create physical movement and exertion that could dislodge or reveal any items hidden within body cavities. The coughing action can help ensure that any concealed items become visible or audible. This practice is used to maintain the security and safety of the correctional facility, as it helps prevent the smuggling of weapons, drugs, or other prohibited items into the prison environment.

It’s worth noting that the specific procedures and protocols related to searches may vary between correctional facilities and jurisdictions. These procedures are typically carried out in a professional and respectful manner, with attention to the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved.

Why do prisoners have to squat and cough?

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