Why are there no premium boxes in PUBG?

Why are there no premium boxes in PUBG?

Answer: Why can’t we use premium boxes, maybe this is some trial period for custom boxes? But since this custom box option will last for an additional 8 days, we won’t be able to use the premium boxes.

What is the best time to open a crate in PUBG MOBILE?

6 PM to 8 PM

How can I redeem my PUBG premium jail coupon?

Redeem PUBG Mobile Code via Character ID Open the game on your Android mobile. Copy your character ID and visit this link. Paste the character ID and enter the promo code NEHVZ9VX or NEIZBZKND, just click the Redeem button and get the premium box and .

How do I get free scrap coupons in PUBG?

#3 by Events and Lucky Spins PUBG Mobile introduces several new events and Lucky spins at different intervals during a game. When this happens, players can get various premium skull scraps or coupons while doing spins. In this way, players can also get some scraps of premium crate coupons or coupons to use at their will.

What is the soldier box in PUBG?

Every time you open a soldier’s box, it will ask you to spend the 700 bp coins and as the opening continues, the amount requested by the box keeps doubling from the previous amount, such as 700, 1400, 2800, and more BP Coins.

How does the PUBG box work?

You get more BP per corresponds to the more kills you get and the longer you stay alive. When you buy a PlayerunkNown Battlegrounds Crate with BP, it is randomly decided which crate you will receive and there is no way to choose between crates that require keys to open and crates that can be opened for free.

How do you get free weapon skin in PUBG?

Follow the step below to get it.

  • Go to Workshop and click on the GunCraft option.
  • There you will see a spin option and you will get the first spin which is free.
  • Just spin the wheel and collect the SK12 gun skin for free.
  • Did PUBG remove premium crates?

    The premium crate option was disabled in PUBG MOBILE on May 31, 2020. However, according to an official announcement made by Pubg Mobile, these jails will be back in the game very soon, and players will be able to use the Coupons. they have in their inventory.

    How do I get free premium boxes?

    Here’s how you can get hooked in three steps.

  • Open PUBG MOBILE and click on the “burning treasure” banner located towards the bottom right.
  • Tap the ‘Fuel Pump’ button located in the bottom right corner of the window. This will bring up a photo of the fuel pump.
  • Tap on the fuel pump to get your free premium crate.
  • How do I use a crate premium coupon?

    Coupon Scraps from the Premium Box can be combined to make Premium Coupons by locating the Scraps in your inventory and hitting the ‘combine’ button if it is recommended to do so. Typically, you’ll need a couple of scraps to produce a coupon. The coupon is then used to open a premium box.

    How do I use my PUBG MOBILE coupon for the supply box?

    PUBG PUBG jail coupons? : PUBGMOBILE JUL 26, 2018 Use coupons to open corresponding boxes. Yellow for PUBG mobile boxes. And red for the Premium or Advanced UC box. Combine 10 coupon scraps to get a matching coupon.

    Why is the premium box not showing?

    Why does the premium box not open in PUBG? Premium crates cannot be seen in the game anymore and PUBG mobile has already made an official statement stating that premium crates will be back soon. But over time, being the premium boxes replaced by custom boxes.

    How do you get free boxes in PUBG CLASSIC?

    It is the best way to get free PUBG Classic crate without spending UC. But it requires some silver shard. You can buy 5 coupon scrap daily for 200 silver shards. by Daily Daily Redem

  • Go to the store.
  • go to redeem and scroll down.
  • BUY 5 CLASSIC CRAVE COMPOUND Scrape daily with Silvers.
  • How do I get free boxes in PUBG MOBILE 2021?

    First of all open pubg games. Go to settings and click on Basic. Link your email address and check your OTP from your email box. You will get 100 AG Coins + 1 Classic Crate for free in your inventory.

    Can we hack silver in PUBG?

    Also, all known, using PUBG Silver Coin Hack is illegal in this game. Break the PUBG MOBILE anti-cheat rule. Therefore, players who use a tool to hack the silver coins in PUBG Mobile will definitely get a life ban when the system kicks their trick.

    Why are there no premium boxes in PUBG?

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