Who has defeated one above all?

In the Marvel Comics universe, the character known as “One-Above-All” is typically depicted as the supreme being and the embodiment of the Marvel multiverse. As such, the concept of defeating or overpowering the One-Above-All is not commonly explored within the comics.

The One-Above-All is portrayed as an omnipotent and omnipresent entity, transcending the boundaries of reality and possessing immense power. The character is often portrayed as the ultimate authority and creator of the Marvel multiverse.

While there have been instances in which characters have faced powerful cosmic entities or deities in Marvel Comics, the notion of defeating the One-Above-All itself is rare and usually not a central theme within the stories.

It’s worth noting that the Marvel Comics universe is vast and constantly evolving, with various storylines and alternate realities, so there may be instances or interpretations that deviate from the general understanding of the One-Above-All character.

Who has defeated one above all?

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