Which country is the best to open PUBG crates?

Which country is better to open PUBG boxes?

The following are the best countries server for jail opening PUBG MOBILE.

  • Thailand.
  • Macau.
  • Kuwait.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Mexico.
  • USES.
  • Europe.
  • Germany.

How do I get the best premium box?

Open the open box after collecting more than 10.

  • to get mythical items. Mythic rewards are attractive and precious compared to other items.
  • to get legendary items. The chance of getting legendary item is a bit higher than mythical.
  • to get epic items.
  • to get rare items.
  • How do I get well from the premium box?

    Collect and save the checkout coupons and never use them to open them once or twice. For example, save about 20-30 premium skull coupons (they collect the remains of full achievements) and wait and be patient. Wait until a premium box arrives with nice rewards and outfits you like.

    How do you use the premium box coupon?

    Coupon Scraps from the Premium Crate can be combined to make Premium Coupons by locating the Scraps in your inventory and hitting the ‘combine’ button if it is recommended to do so. Typically, you’ll need a couple of scraps to produce a coupon. The coupon is then used to open a premium box.

    Where can I use premium skull coupons?

    Why can’t I use premium skull coupons in PUBG MOBILE?

    Answer: Why can’t we use premium boxes, maybe this is some trial period for custom boxes? But since this custom box option will last for an additional 8 days, we won’t be able to use the premium boxes.

    How do I use the classic box coupon in PUBG MOBILE?

    To apply the cube of how to use Classic Coupon Pubg Mobile Coupon coupon, all you have to do is copy the CouponXoo related code to your clipboard and apply it while reviewing.

    How do you get the classic crate in PUBG?

    From Daily Codemit It is the best way to get free PUBG Classic box without spending UC. But it requires some silver shard. You can buy 5 coupon scrap daily for 200 silver shards. It means, in two days, you can make 1 classic drawer.

    Which country is the best to open PUBG crates?

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