Which came first, the game or the Pokemon series?

What was the first Pokemon game or show?

When I say Pokémon, most of you probably think of games. But the franchise owes so much of its success to its cartoon series. The Pokémon anime began in 1997, a year after the original game released in Japan. The handheld classics celebrate their 20th anniversary this week.

Did the Pokemon games arrive before the show?

The game was released first about everything, and then trading cards, but that was only in Japan. Pokemon never made it to the US until 1996, where both the game and the cartoon were released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta.

is MEW older than Arceus?

If we assume that MEW creates new Pokémon, as MEW sees fit, it could literally only create 150 new Pokémon whenever it wanted. So the universe continues to do things, MEW fills the world with life, Arceus grows old and so do the other PingGODS. Mew, as he grows older and wiser, he makes better and better Pokémon.

Who made Arceus?


Can Necrozma defeat Arceus?

Arceus in his normal form is normal against Ultra Necrozma, but since he is weak to Dragon Arceus can equip his Dragon Plate before battle which then contains Ultra Necrozma for X2. Arceus is weak to fighting, but Ultra Necrozma has no fighting types apart from the move brick break which is a TM move.

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