Where is the security room in Hitman Paris?

Where is the security room in Hitman Paris?

For this assassination method, the special evacuation protocol will begin during which both mission targets will be escorted to the security room on floor 2 of the Palace (M3,23).

How do you kill Rico Delgado?

After arriving at the office, wait for Rico Delgado to sit in the chair. He starts to do the tattoo. Wait for all the people to leave the room. Only then can he use a tattoo machine to kill Rico Delgado.

Where is the safe combination in Hitman 2?

Safe Combination is an item available in Hitman. It can be found in the world of tomorrow episodic mission. The safe combination is written on a post IT note that can be located in the small room adjacent to Francesca de Santis’s office.

Where is the submarine in Hitman 2?

There is a key on the shelf behind the bar that unlocks the basement door to the left of the bar. He grabs the key and heads down to the basement. Walk across the room to the tubes and turn the knob to open a secret door. Head straight down the path until you reach the yellow submarine.

Where can I find glue in Hitman 2?

There is a shack near the statue where two hippies are talking. Hear them out, then breaks into the shack. You will need glue, which the mechanic in town has on him. You’ll have to take him out to get it, so distract him with the radio and take him out.

Where is the screwdriver in Hokkaido Hitman?

The screwdriver can be found near the vehicle on the mountain path (M8.5) and the small room next to the crematorium in the morgue (M8.8).

Where is the hotel in Hitman 2?

Once you reach the top of the stairs, make a right through the grass and keep going until you see two security guards. Just beyond them on the left, there will be a tunnel. Go past the security guards and head into the tunnel. Once you go up to the other side, you will see a pink motel.

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