Where is the Castelia City gym in Pokemon White?

Where is Castelia City Gym in Pokemon White?

Castelia Gym is the official gym of Castelia City, located on the westernmost street above Liberty Pier. The gym also doubles as a working art gallery. It is based on insect-type Pokémon. The gym leader is Burgh.

Where is the Plasma Team in Castelia City?

Go find him at the Fountain in the northern part of town, near the western road. He will go down that path, so follow him. He will find the plasma team standing outside a building near Burgh’s gym.

How do you get to the Castelia City gym?

Where is Burgh’s gym? Burgh’s gym (Castelia Gym) is located on the westernmost street in Castelia City. The entrance is on the right side, with the Pokéball statues on either side of the door, and a Pokémon gym symbol above the door.

Where can I find Eevee in Castelia City?

If you want a Garentenente chance to get one, just go to Castelia City and go to the third floor where the medal box place is and go to the third floor (Finonel’s Laboratory). Fennels Assistant will then give you an Eevee (have an open slot in your party) if you talk to him.

Where can I find Burgh?

Head into the pokemon center and heal from all your battles and go to the westernmost street (where the gym is). Across the street from the gym, you’ll find Burg and some team plasma grunts.

What Pokemon does Burgh have?

Burgh (Japanese name: Arti?) is the gym leader of Castelia City. His team consists of a bug type Pokemon, and his special move is fighting.

What is the password in Pokemon Black?

The password is: everyone happy simple connections commented August 15, 2012 by maxorus!

How do I get to Nimbasa City?

The city of Nimbasa is a large city in Unova Central. There are three routes that connect to Nimbasa City: South is Route 4, North East is Route 16, and North West is Route 5. Nimbasa City is also home to the fourth Unova Gym Badge. Nimbasa City.


pokemon center
Super POTON 700
HyperPotion 1200
REVIVE 1500 1500

Where is the Nimbasa City Gym Leader?

The Nimbasa City Gymnasium (? Raimon Jimu) is located in the Nimbasa City Amusement Park. In black and white, to reach the gym leader, the player must press buttons and ride mountains on rollers. Some trainers hide inside these roller coasters.

How do you beat the gym leader in Nimbasa City?

Defeat Gym Leader Elysha Whatever you do, don’t use a Water-type Pokémon. Fire types and others should be fine as long as they are level 25 or higher. If you have any rock-type attacks like TM39 Rock Tomb (found in the nearby desert resort), they’ll work well on Emolga.

Is there a gym in Nimbasa city?

Nimbasa Gym (Japanese: ? Raimon Gym) is the official gym of Nimbasa City. It is based on Electric-type Pokémon.

What level are Pokemon clays?

Clay pack at a level 29 KROKOROK, LEVEL 31 EXCADRILL, AND A LEVEL 29 PUNCH. Your Ducklett (or any type of water-type pokemon) will be your best ally in this battle. However, you will need to use grass-type attacks on PalpoDoad to do massive damage.

Where is the 4th gym in Pokemon White 2?

4 answers. Just go to the amp park in the city of Nimbassa. Walk until you reach your old gym, walk some more and there should be a building with round windows flashing.

How does he beat Emolga?

Emolga is weak to ice and rock moves. The ideal option to use against Emolga, in terms of defense, is Sandilla. However, Sandile’s ground moves won’t work, so she needs to have some dark moves in order to fight Emolga. Some other options that don’t have as good defenses are Palpoad and Drilbur.

How do you beat Elesa in Pokemon White 2?

2) Bring a ground type Pokémon and move. If he brings a ground type it messes up his volt switching strategy and ground moves kill Zebstrika quite easily, his signing Pokemon. You can find a Drilbur in the Chargestone cave or a watermelon on route 4 and it can serve you pretty well. That’s essentially all you need to beat Elesa.

What do you do after the fifth gym in black 2?

After getting the 5th badge from the clay, follow her south of Driftveil town and into the PWC. Take part in the PWC, then after that exit and go south and there will be an event and some battles for you to do. Then go the next route until you meet Cheren and she will give you the HM to surf.

Where is the rock tomb in Pokemon White?

It’s behind the relic castle tower that you can’t enter until much later in the game. In the southwest corner, past a tough pair of Rangers (who give you Rawst berries, is TM39 Rock Tomb.

Is grave rock okay?

Rock Tomb is a great Rock-type move with a solid Accuracy of 95 and a decent Base Power of 60. Fortunately, a lot of Rock-type Pokemon have solid Physical Attack stats to make Rock Tomb do more damage.

Where is the Castelia City gym in Pokemon White?

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