when does nintendo switch sports come out

What time is Nintendo Switch Sports coming out?

Nintendo Switch Sports will be available on April 29 exclusively on Switch. When it comes to the release time, the game will be available at 9 am PT/12 am ET for the US gamers as it is the official release time for all games on Nintendo Store. On other hand, the UK players will be able to jump in at 2 pm UTC/3 pm BST.

Is there going to be a Nintendo Switch Sports?

when does nintendo switch sports come out

Good news, sports fans: Nintendo Switch Sports is now available exclusively on (you guessed it) Nintendo Switch. The latest installment in the Wii Sports series, it brings a collection of motion-controlled mini-games to a new generation.

What sports are coming to Nintendo Switch Sports?

The release of Nintendo Switch Sports has resulted in modest reception, with the most major complaint being its lack of content. So far, the game presents fans with the option to play soccer, badminton, volleyball, chambara, bowling, and tennis.

Is Wii Sports coming to switch?

The wait to play it is almost over as the game is set to be released this week. Bringing back beloved Wii Sports activities such as bowling and tennis, Nintendo Switch Sports is certainly going to live up to expectations with more content set to be added later in the year, including golf.

Will Switch Sports have boxing?

Baseball and Boxing Should Be in Nintendo Switch Sports With Nintendo Switch Sports having been released in late April 2022, players can now know what’s fully base game.

Will Switch Sports have baseball?

Unfortunately – no, Nintendo Switch Sports will not have baseball. Just as it didn’t make it into Wii Sports Resort – baseball will also not be making the step onto the switch in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Will there be Switch Sports DLC?

nintendo switch sports

The second free DLC announced for Nintendo Switch Sports will add Golf to the game. The sport was a staple back in the original Wii Sports game, so it will be great to see its return in the Fall of 2022.

Will Nintendo Switch Sports be free?

Nintendo Switch Sports is out now for $49.99 — or $39.99 if you opt for a digital download — and is an absolute joy to play.

Does Nintendo Switch Sports release at midnight?

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available worldwide as of April 29, 2022, for all Nintendo Switch systems. The game had a midnight local release, which means that the game will be available to play when the clock strikes midnight in your area.


when does nintendo switch sports come out

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