What to do after the sixth gym in Pokemon Platinum?

What do you do after the sixth gym in Pokemon Platinum?

After getting the sixth gym badge, you must have a meeting with Professor Rowan, Dawn/Lucas, and their rival at the Canalave City Library. The teacher will tell you to go to a certain lake. After you defeat the galactic team there, you need to go to the other lakes and defeat the galactic team.

Which Pokemon can climb rocks?

when leveling up

598 Ferrothorn
Midday Form Lycanroc

How do you move reporters in Pokemon Platinum?

Michael replied: I think you need to have four gym badges (Oreburgh City, Eterna City, Hearthome City, and Veilstone City) for the reporter to move and have access to Pastoria City.

Why does route 212 block Pokemon Platinum?

No. You can only access it after beating Hearthome Gym Leader Fantina and Pastoria Gym Leader Crasher Wake. After you’ve defeated them, she can access Route 212. She’ll find the trophy garden on Route 212, but it’s really not that special until she gets the national dex, aside from getting Pichu and Pikachu.

Where is Route 212 in Pokemon Diamond?

Route 212 is a route south of the city of Hearthome, which connects to the city of Pastoria. This route is separated into two parts. The North route is a clear route with a variety of trainers to fight. It also contains the Pokémon Mansion, which has the Trophy Garden where numerous rare Pokémon live.

How do you get the city of Pastoria in Pokemon Platinum?

After fighting off those goons, be sure to explore the corner on the eastern edge of the beach. Destroy the rock by blocking it and grab the TM40 on the other side. Then move north to reach the small area of ​​Route 213, which will lead directly to the town of Pastoria.

Where can I get a blue shard in Pokemon Platinum?

1 Answer

  • blue shards. > Route 216, Route 230, Fuego Frionery (Mr. Fuego’s), Wayward Cave, MT.
  • yellow fragments. > Route 227, City of Oreburgh, Fire Frionery (of Mr.

  • RED.> Route 210, Route 213 (with Downing Machine), Route 214, IronWorks Fire (from Mr.
  • Green Shard.> Route 212, Route 225, Frionery Fire (Mr.

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