What is the use of donating to the Stardew Valley museum?

What’s the point of donating to the museum in Stardarew Valley?

If you donate 60 items to the Museum, Gunther apparently gives you the key to the sewer, which is another place you can explore and there’s someone you can meet there. He gets all kinds of items that are useful or that he needs to progress the game, like the key to the sewers.

Should I donate to the museum or sell?

You must donate your first fossil instead of selling it to one of the corners of the new animal horizons. Whenever you get a new fossil that she hasn’t dug up before, it’s best to donate to Blather so she can add to the Museum (which is by far the best building in the game).

Should you donate a rare fish animal crossing?

Donate all the way. There’s never any guarantee you’ll catch it again (although you probably will), so if you have any goals of completing your museum, always donate the first fish of each type you catch!

What does CJ do that crosses the animal?

. During fishing tournaments or random visits, Cj will buy fish from the player for 150% of their usual value. During his random visits, Cj will not buy the player’s fish until they have completed a “seaports” challenge that involves catching three fish within a specific size range in a row.

Is it worth selling fish to CJ?

Should I sell fish to CJ? Yes, assuming he has no other use for them or he was going to sell them anyway. CJ buys fish at a 50% increased price on corners, so a large coelacanth worth 15,000 bells will sell for 22,500 if you give it to CJ.

Can you sell fish to CJ in animal crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch is filled with all kinds of colorful villagers and friendly vendors. Cj is a unique seller in that they offer two different features when they visit: you can sell them your fish for 1.5x their normal value, and you can order them for fish models.

What is the use of donating to the Stardew Valley museum?

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