What is the PUBG secret room key?

What is the secret room pubg?

These are hidden locations that are dotted around the map. To get into one of PUBG’s secret room locations, you’ll need to find a secret room key. These items are quite rare, but the rooms have a lot of appeal for players. Like with vaults in Warzone, Fortnite or Apex Legends.

What is the secret room in PUBG?

Looting in the secret room of Pubg: If you have managed to open a room, you can expect some great loot. Similar to the vaults in Fortnite or Warzone, looting these rooms gives you a huge advantage, especially if you open it at the start of a game.

How do you open a door in pubg?

  • just simply play the game and when you approach a door you will see 2 options.
  • one is automatic (default) another is open/close.
  • If your setting is on Manual, set it to Auto and your door will open automatically.
  • Remember to rush through the locked door and it will open automatically.
  • How do I get a covert ID in PUBG?

    Gameplay: Metro Royale mode consists of a total of three maps, and players can unlock the mode based on their fame level. While resource acquisition is the main objective in basic mode, stealing is the main objective in some other mode. The more players level up, the players will receive an “Undercover Agent ID” reward.

    How do I open Metro Royale?

    Metro Royale is separate from the Regular Battle Royale mode in the game, and features a completely different lobby. Players can enter the lobby by tapping the subway tunnel entrance on the main menu. When starting a game, two return points would be marked on the map.

    is metro royale permanent in PUBG?

    PUBG CORP recently announced that the exclusive Metro Royale Mode is being removed from PUBG MOBILE temporarily in the upcoming 1.4 update. PUBG CORP also created a special feedback post on the official “R/PUBGMOBILE” subreddit. The mode is supposed to return in late 2021.

    Are there real players in Metro Royale?

    How to play (and survive) Metro Royale. Your first trip to the hot zone is a trial run. The game won’t tell you this, but just like your classic opener, you’re only up against bots (as far as we can tell), so don’t expect to see other players outside of your squad – just AI Bandits.

    Is Battleground Mobile India on iOS?

    It is worth noting that the game will be released on iOS sooner or later, and gamers using the platform can only wait at this point. The developers have also revealed that there are exclusive pre-registration rewards for Mobile India Battlegrounds, and they are specific to Indian players only.

    What is PUBG PRE registration?

    To sign up before registering, you will need to go to the Google Play Store and click on the “Pre-Register” button. Rewards will automatically be available to claim upon launch of the game. The game will be free to play for all users with in-app purchases, as previously seen in PUBG MOBILE.

    What is pre-registration in Battleground Mobile India?

    According to Battlegrounds developer Mobile India Kraftton, those who pre-register can get exclusive items and special rewards. Kraftton said that players will be able to use the exclusive items once the game is available for download.

    What is the PUBG secret room key?

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