What is the best Fire-type Pokemon in Emerald?

What is the best fire-type POKEMON in Emerald?


Is Ninetales Good in Emerald?

Ninetales is pretty decent. He is fast and the special attack is good enough to win most fights. It can be obtained by capturing Vulpix from Mt. Pyre and then using a fire stone.

Is ninetales good competitively?

He’s good in his own way, which is said outside if fire types in PU, Ninetales is one of the best. With his sweeping power and not too bad speed, he can do some pretty good damage. Also Flash Fire is a useful ability, especially when people decide to lose sense and use a kind of fire type on Ninetales and light it up.

is it good in Emerald?

AGRON is a clean Pokemon with a good stat spread and good movement, only hampered by two terrible 4x weaknesses to very common attack types.

Does TorkOal evolve into Emerald?

Torkoal (Japanese: ? cotoise) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

What is TorkOal’s hidden ability?

drought. Husk Armor (Hidden Ability)

Where is the best place for Torkoal?

A popular location Torkoal can find is in the Giant’s Cap – Area 2 area with a 10% chance of spawning intense sun weather.

In what is due to weak Turtonator?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Turtonator is a Dragon-type Fire and Dragon-type Turtle Pokemon, making it weak against Ground, Rock, Dragon-type moves.

is Goodra a pseudo legendary?

Goodra and Kommo-O are the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon that don’t always have a type immunity.

Why is Goodra not poison?

Goodra can learn the type of poison to move the sludge bomb. The mud has to come from somewhere. Every Pokémon that can learn TMS can learn toxic, and a lot of non-poisonous types learn sludge bombs that have nothing to do with poisons.

Why is Goodra a dragon?

Well, it turns out that the Freak game was actually based on the Blue Dragon Sea-Slug. Since the mochina is a type of dragon, there is no replacement point of its evolution with a different type, so I’m guessing Game Freak made the Goodra Pure Dragon because of that. Also, the Pokedex species for Goodra is the Dragon Pokemon.

is the mochina a good pokemon?

The mochina is one of the most unique Dragon-type Pokémon in existence, as it is difficult to train and needs a lot of precautions in its care, but it is worth it in the end, whether you are a professional trainer or just someone who wants a new friend. . Backpack is known as the squishy pokemon.

What is the weakest dragon type move?

Dragon actually has one of the strongest weak moves of any type with Twister. 40 damage on this list is nothing to sneeze at for damage dragon type.

What is the strongest Dragon-type Pokémon?

Strongest Dragon-type Pokémon

  • Zekrom. Electric Dragon. #644.Max HP. 183hp.
  • reshiram. Dragonfire. #643.Max HP. 183hp.
  • DISCUSS. Steel Dragon. #483.Max HP. 183hp.
  • PALKIA. Water dragon. #484.Max HP. 166HP.
  • Rayquaza. Dragon / flying. #384.Max HP. 191hp.
  • Kyurem. Dragon / ice. #646.Max HP. 225hp.
  • Giratina. Ghost / Dragon. #487.Max HP.
  • GARCHOMP. Dragon / ground. #445.Max HP.

What is the best Fire-type Pokemon in Emerald?

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