What is my account name in WOW Classic?

What is my account name for WOW Classic?

The account name is your email address.

What is your account name for WOW?

The WOW1 name you are referring to is not your account name, it is the name of the game you own within the Battle.net marketplace. The key that’s in your WTF folder is the Blizzard name you gave it when you made your account.

How can I recover an old WOW account?

Recovering your account after a period of inactivity Log in to account management through the Blizzard Battle.Net Portal. You can try to log in through the main WOW site, but you will be redirected to the Battle.net login page. Enter the email address and password associated with your old account.

Can you close a Blizzard account?

Players cannot simply close their account. Instead, they have to apply through Blizzard to close your account for them. To submit an account deletion request, go to the Blizzard support page and delete the Blizzard account. There is a link at the bottom of the description to start the process.

Can I have two Blizzard accounts?

Each World of Warcraft account contains its own characters and requires a separate paid subscription. Aside from the character transfer service, which can move characters between accounts, there is no way to merge the progress of multiple accounts.

How do I get rid of the age restrictions in Blizzard?

SOLO, how do I change my age restriction on Battlenet? Sign in to your Blizzard account. Click Account Details, then select Parental Controls. Select Manage parental controls.

Can you change your DOB in the battle network?

For Blizzard’s own account, you will have to wait on the support ticket. Be sure to include the actual date of birth in your ticket application, or you’ll have to ask for it (you can’t update it to something we don’t know!)

How old are you? Be have a Blizzard account?


Why is my name adventurer Blizzard?

A Reddit post from some time ago said that Adventurer is a default name if an account isn’t fully set up.

How long does it take for Bethesda to respond to a ticket?

Bethesda Customer Service aims to respond to most contacts within two business days. Please note that updating your ticket will put you at the end of the line and delay the turnaround time.

What is the Bethesda support email?

Contact information

TELEPHONE (301) 926-8300
Fax : (301) 926-8010
TDD: None or Unknown
Bethesda Softworks official website
E-mail: [email protected]

How do I report a problem with Bethesda?

To report a player to Bethesda Customer Support, please use the in-game reporting functionality found in your social menu. You can also report players from our website by clicking here. When reporting through the website, please be sure to include links to videos and/or screenshots to support your claim.

Delete my character wow?

No, they do not remove inactive characters. The character you are posting about is in RavenCrest.

How many characters can you remove in WOW?

Your character list must have enough space to restore one character. You can have a maximum of 50 characters per World of Warcraft account with no limit on the number of characters per realm. common problems.

If your character is . Is it eligible for restoration?
between level 10 and 29 Yes, within 90 days of removal

To be removed?

You may have the wrong realm selected on the character selection screen. Click Change Realm to see which reals your characters contain and to select a different realm. You may be logged into the wrong account or region of the game. Select a different account from the dropdown menu above the Battle.net Desktop app.

How do I change my WOW account email?

Go to your account page on Battle.net where it displays your game licenses. On the left side is a link that you can click to change your email.

What is my account name in WOW Classic?

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