What is better GTA or PUBG?

Which is better GTA or PUBG?

GTA V is a much better game than PUBG. GTAV is an open single player/multiplayer game while Pubg is an online online battle Royale. Both games are completely different and have different mechanics. But I would like to say, if you want to experience the best gamings and the game then buy Gtav.

Who is the best GTA5 player?

When ranking the best GTA 5 YouTubers, Typical Gamer, Lispyjimmy, and Kryton definitely make the top 10. Other good GTA 5 YouTube channels include Vikkstar123, Lasalle, Prestige Clips, Azerrz, and JeromeAce.

what is heavier pubg or gta v?

GTAV is pretty well optimized, and will run (albeit on low settings) on some relatively modest hardware. PUBG, on the other hand, is still being optimized and requires quite a bit of hardware, just to run. So scaling that up to the ‘Ultra’ setting, PUBG would be the ‘heaviest’ game.

Who is the best free fire and pubg?

PUBG MOBILE INDENNABLE has better graphics than free fire. It has a more realistic feel, with detailed characters, weapons, vehicles, and maps. Free Fire has a bit of a lively, animated look to it. Even though PUBG mobile graphics are better, it doesn’t mean free fire graphics isn’t a pleasing one.

Who is the richest woman in India in 2021?

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s

Who is the richest first lady in India?


Who is the richest man in India?

The stories of 3 covid warriors will inspire many – take a look

  • #1 Mukesh Ambani. Net worth: $84.5 billion.
  • #2 Gautam Adani. Net worth: $50.5 billion.
  • #3 shiv swim. Net worth: $23.5 billion.
  • #4 Radhakishan Damani. Net worth: $16.5 billion.
  • #5 Uday Kotak.
  • #6 Lakshmi Mittal.
  • #7 kumar swipes.

Who is the youngest female billionaire in India?

Meet Nikhil Kamath, a school dropout at 14, now India’s youngest billionaire at 34.

Who is called crorepati in India?

(Kr? p? t? ) (in India) A person whose assets are worth at least one crore or 10 million rupees.

What is better GTA or PUBG?

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