What is Anti Aliasing? Is it On/Off in Games?

what is anti aliasing

Did you ever hear about the Anti Aliasing? Well, to be clear you might have enjoyed playing numerous games on PC. If in case you are also might have gone through the term called Anti Aliasing. What is Anti Aliasing? How it is actually used for? We can call Anti-aliasing a method by which it minimizes the visual defects at the time of accessing high-resolution images over a basic model of computers.

The main motive behind the usage of this technique is to help in getting rid of jagged edges over the system screens. What are jagged edges? Usually, we all know that pixels are in rectangle shape. They incline these jagged edges instead of forming the round ones while displaying high resolution of images over a basic model of systems. So, these jagged edges can be eliminated or we can come out of them by using certain Anti Aliasing techniques.

what is anti aliasing

Because these techniques help us producing the perfect round edges by adding simply the edges of the object. Hence when you zoom out the picture over the system, the jagged edges look slightly blurred. This way we can easily come out from jagged edges and thus clear that possible through applying any of the Anti Aliasing techniques only.  Let’s now take a look into these different techniques and other important information which helps us eliminating the jagged edges easily.

What is Anti-Aliasing? | What is Anti-Aliasing in Games?

Before learning what is Anti-aliasing, what is the term aliasing mean?  Aliasing is simply called a jagged edge present in high-resolution images. These can be noticeable most of the time while playing games on your PC. For instance, let’s take an example. Pixel usually is in a rectangle shape. Thus the system screen is made up of a huge number of pixels again. Hence to get a long curve, each or every single pixel is made with simple lines or a small rounded curve.

what is temporal anti aliasing

But unfortunately, when aliasing encounters, you see the multiple stairs in place of long curves which were none other causing jagged edges in every single pixel. In that scenario, the anti-aliasing technique comes into the existence. These are the techniques that actually help in getting rid of or such happening of jagged edges in our computer screen while playing high-resolution games. While taking a note of all these details, let’s now take a look and learn how actually the anti-aliasing is going to work in detail.

How does Anti-aliasing actually Work?

To be more clear about the Anti-aliasing technology, we had come with a small overview. Let’s get deeper now. For instance to get a clear idea about the Anti-aliasing technology, let us take an example of the letter “A” which is written in terms of pixels.

anti aliasing on or off

The above figure represents both aliased and anti-aliased objects say A shared in terms of pixels. If you have been observed keenly, the aliased “A” has jagged edges. Whereas the anti-aliased “A” has blurred A. But when you zoom out, you see the clear picture of A. But when you zoom out at aliased “A”, there is no clear picture. Hence this issue will be easily resolved using or by taking the help of any of the anti-aliasing techniques shared just below. These techniques work hard in making the jagged edges into smoother ones. However, the below figure represents and shows you how the anti-aliasing technique going to work.

what is anti aliasing in games

Here in the first part of the figure represents before applying the anti-aliasing technology. Whereas the second part represents after applying the anti-aliasing technique. I guess now everything is clear and understandable. Now let us focus on anti-aliasing techniques that help us in eliminating jagged edges of every single high-resolution image accessed in the low-resolution basic computers.

Anti-Aliasing Techniques

There are various anti-aliasing techniques that greatly help us from getting rid out jagged edges encountered in high-resolution images. Especially this issue can be seen on the PC while playing games. Anyhow the happiest part of it is using the below techniques we can clear out the jagged edges and turn them at the same time into a smooth manner. So, therefore, let’s begin having a look into a few techniques shared in simple words.

anti aliasing in games

Super Sample Anti Aliasing Technique

The Super Sample Anti aliasing Technique (SSAA) always try to make your GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) take the responsibility providing the games with high resolution. Due to this higher resolution, it increases number of pixels creating sharp image perfectly. Hence there is no possibility of getting jagged edges in high resolution image. But to use this technique, you need the best PC having great system requirements.

What is Temporal Anti Aliasing Technique

Among the various, the temporal Anti Aliasing technique (TXAA) is best to eliminate jagged edges and turning the images into a smooth way. However this technique can be seen in new graphic cards which are present in the system. All this technique greatly helps in removing blurness to the higher.

Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing Technique

The multi sampling anti aliasing technique (MSAA) considered as effective one. It is the common thing that greatly helps in eliminating the jagged edges delivering image with sharp view. Besides this, it improves the image quality and system performance. All it applies the color manipulation and geometric shapes to create the vision smoothness.

While applying this technique, make sure you have chosen the number of samples represents either might be 2/ 4/ 8. The higher samples you choose, get the great quality image. Not just sharpens the picture view but also improves the system performance.

Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing Technique

Instead of running or modifying colors and geometric shapes of the game, the fast approximate anti aliasing technique (FXAA) takes responsibility in blurring the jagged edges. Overall, 90% of the image gets clear eliminating jagged edges and will never decreases the system performance.

These are the some techniques which help you to eliminate jagged edges turning the picture into a smooth way. Also, increases the system performance to the higher.


Anti aliasing is the technique helps in eliminating jagged edges turning the picture into a sharp visual look. Anyhow the techniques were shared above. To learn more details, stay connected with techygun and get updated with the new and useful tutorials.

What is Anti Aliasing? Is it On/Off in Games?

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