What is a good nickname for Flygon?

What is a good nickname for Flygon?

Suggested Nicknames:

  • Dragon-fly. (Florgon looks like a real world dragonfly i.e. with its antenna, eyeballs, etc. and what’s more, Flygon can fly!)
  • Dustdevil / Sandstorm. (Named after the fact that Flygon moves into the arena as he returns and is also part of the ground type)
  • Quick sand.
  • melody.

What should I name Chimar?

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Chimchar – Kai, Blaze, Natzu, Chiro, Burnanas, Flare.

What is a good nickname for Staraptor?

Suggested Nicknames:

  • Daredevil (perfect with all those kickback moves and the reckless ability :d.
  • Falcolow (sounds cool and was inspired by Falcon)
  • STARK.
  • Muhawk (has a similar hair style and has “hawk” in it: 3.
  • Berserka (emphasis on HE ability, reckless)
  • Abductor

  • (sounds cold and means “a bird of prey”)

What is a good nickname for Infernape?

Nicknames Infernape:

  • Sungoku. (He believes it or not, but Infernape is partially inspired by the son Goku, the DBZ protagonist.
  • FIREMEPEKEY / SCORCHIMP. (The first nickname is a bit basic in the sense that it lacks originality.
  • Wildfire.
  • What should I name my Shinx?

    for Shinx, I like .

    • Rusty.
    • SPAR Kentucky.
    • ion.
    • raigeki.
    • Storm.
    • VYXX.
    • Stryker.
    • Aster.

    What bird is Staraptor?

    Staraptor or Sturnus Griseus Accipiter is a species of bird in the Sturnidae; Starly and Staravia are the only two subspecies in this family and genus. STARAPTOR (POKÉMON)

    Staraptor temporal range: Early-Recent Miocene
    Class: BIRDS
    Order: Passerines
    FAMILY FAMILY: Sturnidae

    is Golduck a bird?

    Pokédex Entries Golduck, The Duck Pokémon. Psyduck’s evolved form. Golduck is very adept at using its stack hands and feet, making it the fastest swimming Pokémon of them all. Golduck, the duck Pokémon.

    What kind of bird is chatot?

    Chatot is an avian Pokémon similar to a parakeet. His head is black and resembles an eighth note, while his black tail resembles a metronome.

    Can Chatot be brilliant?

    Shiny Chatot is noticeably different in color than normal; His beak changes from red to yellow, his head changes from black to dark blue, the green feathers on his forehead change to purple, and his wing feathers change from blue to a red/pink color.

    What is the Pokémon that looks like a bird?


    Dodrio Triple Bird Pokémon? Dodorio #085 Pictures at the Bulbagarden Archives
    normal type Flying unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
    Gender ratio Unknown 50% men, 50% women capture rate 45 (11.9%)
    Breeding Egg Group Flying Hatch Time 5140 – 5396 Steps

    12 The three legendary birds only answer to one master for that reason, Lugia is created superior to the three birds and is assigned as the guardian of the sea.

    is Zapdos a legendary?

    Zapdos is a legendary bird Pokémon.

    What is a good nickname for Flygon?

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