What happens if you give your spouse a bunch of withered Stardew?

What happens if you give your spouse a bunch of withered Stardew?

The wilted bouquet is a special gift that you can give to any or all of the marriage candidates you are dating. Giving a withered bouquet immediately ends the couple’s relationship and reduces the friendship level with the marriage candidate to 5 hearts (1250 points).

Do babies grow up in Stardew Valley?

Children never grow past the toddler stage (stage 4). Your spouse will also take your children when they are at least in the toddler stage to events like the Stardew Valley Fair, where they can be found walking around your spouse.

Can your spouse get mad at you in Stardew Valley?

The random drop of hearts doesn’t seem to be related to anything you’re doing, as long as you give them gifts and morning kisses every day. However, you can still talk to whoever you want, your spouse won’t be mad about it.

Can you give someone a bouquet if you are married to Stardew?

Yes. You can give as many bouquets as you want and get each candidate to have up to ten hearts, but only before you marry one of them. Once you are married, you will no longer be able to give bouquets.

Can you get 10 hearts with everyone in Stardew Valley?

It is possible to gift a bouquet of flowers to each and every marriage candidate, and raise all of your friendship levels to 10 hearts, without damaging your relationships with other romantic partners, as long as you haven’t already proposed.

What happens if you pass out at someone’s house Stardew?

You don’t lose anything by passing out at 2am, even if you’re in the mines. The only thing you lose is 10% of your gold, but a maximum of 1000 g and if you are on the farm you don’t lose anything, plus you wake up with less energy.

What happens if you pass out on your Stardew Valley farm?

The consequences of passing out are pretty straightforward: you lose 10% of your money (but the limit is 1,000), and you wake up the next day with less energy.

What is the most expensive thing about Stardew?

1 legendary fish But, the undeniable king is the legend itself. With the best quality and the right profession, this rare fish sells for a whopping 15,000 gold, making it the best-selling item in the entire game.

How many Stardrops can you eat?

seven stardrops

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