What happened to the greaser guy in ghosts?

I’m assuming you are referring to the character of Sam Wheat, who is played by Patrick Swayze in the 1990 film “Ghost.” Sam is not a “greaser guy,” but a banker who is murdered early in the film. After his death, Sam’s ghost remains on Earth, trying to communicate with his girlfriend Molly (played by Demi Moore) and seeking justice for his murder.

Throughout the film, Sam interacts with a psychic named Oda Mae Brown (played by Whoopi Goldberg), who helps him communicate with Molly and uncover the truth behind his death. In the end, Sam is able to bring his killer to justice and finally move on to the afterlife, saying goodbye to Molly and leaving her with the message that he loves her.

So to answer your question, Sam Wheat does not survive in the physical world as he is killed at the beginning of the movie, but his ghost is able to find closure and move on at the end.

What happened to the greaser guy in ghosts?

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