What does Jodi like in Stardew Valley?

What does Jodi like in Stardarew Valley?

Stardarw Valley Gift Guide: Jodi Edition Jodi loves all items classified as universal loves. She would also really appreciate the diamond, the chocolate cake, the fried eel, the vegetable mix, the eggplant parmesan, the crispy bass, the rhubarb cake, and the pancakes. Jodi also likes all milk, fruit, and eggs (except the spice berry and the empty egg).

Is it cheaper to make your own salad?

It is cheaper to buy ingredients and make your own salads. A fresh salad costs me between $2.50 and $4 a day, depending on how much the salad weighs. Sometimes I buy the butter lettuce in the bag which makes the stupid value of all three salads.

What does Leah Love Stardarw Valley like?

“Leah lives alone in a small cabin on the outskirts of town. She loves spending time outside, foraging for a wild meal or simply enjoying the gifts of the season. She is a talented artist with a large portfolio of work. However, she is too nervous to show it to the public.

Where can I buy a fruit salad in Stardarew Valley?

  • Blacksmith.
  • Community Center.
  • Harvey’s clinic.
  • Jojamart.
  • Pierre’s General Store.
  • Stardarew Valley Museum & Library.
  • the Stardrop room.

Who in Stardarew Valley likes sunflowers?

  • Clint.
  • George.
  • Sebastian.

How do you get a chocolate cake in Stardarew Valley?

Chocolate cake is a cooked dish that can be made in your home kitchen. The recipe can be learned by watching the queen of salsa cooking show on television on the 14th of winter. After completing the 2500g pack, you will receive three chocolate cakes as a reward.

Where is Krobus?

Krobus is the only friendly monster in the game, though he considers hostile monsters to be his friends. He can be found in the sewers after acquiring the Rusty Key, and he runs a shop that sells a variety of rare goods. He can receive gifts, and while he cannot marry the player, he can become a roommate.

What does Jodi like in Stardew Valley?

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