What are the chances of winning the Safeway monopoly?

What are the chances of winning the Safeway monopoly?

Prizes and odds

Prize Awards Awards ODDS w. 65 tickets:
$100 Grocery Gift Card 2500 6,800 to 1
$50 grocery gift card 5,000
$20 grocery store gift card 20,000 850 to 1
$5 cash 1,000,000 17 to 1

How does Albertsons Monopoly work?

The game is 100% digital, just scan your tickets to see what you could win! You could earn free groceries for life! Each ticket wins a prize, an offer or tokens.

Who won Jewel Monopoly 2019?

Jen Roberts of GraySlake returned home from an ordinary grocery shopping trip last month with a $35,000 prize buried in one of her bags.

Has anyone gained a monopoly on McDonald’s?

But has anyone won the main prizes? Not surprisingly, the answer is yes! McDonald’s maintains a website that is filled with all the winners, including photos of those who have taken home the million dollar jackpot over the years.

Is the monopoly game over?

Consumers have been peeling, pasting and saving game pieces for weeks, but the grocery store monopoly game is now officially on. The game officially ended on Tuesday, and so far, no one has claimed the million dollar prize. The next best item on the Board was a $500,000 vacation home.

How do you know when the monopoly ends?

Officially, the monopoly ends when all players but one go bankrupt. It actually ends when her sister accuses one or all of you of cheating, flips the board across the room, and storms into a shower of miniature plastic houses.

How will you scan pieces at monopoly?

step by step instructions

  • Tap the Scan Ticket button and place your instant ticket barcode inside the Vista camera finder.
  • If successful, the ticket numbers will be automatically filled in the TICKET NUMBERS boxes.
  • Tap the Submit Entry button.
  • Does anyone win the Win Monopoly store game?

    Yes, many people won the store prizes, Win Safeway monopoly game. Actually, you need rare pieces to win big Safeway monopoly game prizes? It’s all a game based on luck and it depends on stranger to win. Well you can many small prizes like grocery coupon, small amount and some other low price prizes.

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