How to fix Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys)

video tdr failure

Is your Windows device showing the “Video TDR Failure” error? When trying to open a video file or a gaming application, most Windows users are getting this error. If you are not able to play your favorite games or can’t open a video file due to this error, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Video TDR Failure occurs mainly due to graphics card issues. Either an issue with the graphics card hardware or its driver software can result in this error. If you are using outdated driver software for a long time, then it can also cause compatibility issues across the device.

video tdr failure

No need to worry if you got this error on your device. In this article, we have given the best and working methods to fix the Video TDR Failure atikmpag.sys error on Windows devices. Just follow the simple methods given here and fix the problem.

What Is Video TDR Failure Error In Windows?

TDR, short for Timeout, Detection, and Recovery is a Windows component. If got a Video TDR error, then it means, the graphics card of your device has stopped responding due to an issue. The TDR failure error notifies a driver issue on your graphics card. The Video TDR Failure is accompanied by a term related to your graphics card such as Video TDR Failure atikmpag.sys. Based on the graphics card you have installed on your device, the error differs such as given below.

  • For NVIDIA graphics card -> nvlddmkm.sys
  • For Intel graphics card -> igdkmd64.sys
  • For AMD or ATI graphics card -> atikmpag.sys

Reasons For Video TDR Failure

These are some of the major reasons why your Windows device shows the TDR failure error.

  • Dysfunctional graphics card or damaged graphics card
  • Outdated, corrupted, or faulty graphics card driver
  • Overclocked CPU
  • Overheating of the PC components
  • High usage of RAM or disk

How To Fix Video TDR Failure Windows 10

Video_TDR_Failure is an annoying error and doesn’t easily go away. Start fixing the problem with a simple restart on your device. But, if you are still getting the same issue, try the fixes given below. Here is how to fix Video TDR Failure error on your device.

1. Update or Reinstall Graphics Driver

Graphics Card drivers are the main thing that keeps running your graphics card efficiently. If your Windows device is showing the TDR failure, then you must turn the focus on the graphics drivers. Make sure to update the graphics driver or just reinstall it to get rid of the problem easily.

  • Go to the Start menu on your Windows 10 and right-click on it.
  • From the given menu, open the “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the Display adapters, and right-click on your graphics card.

video tdr failure windows 10

  • To update the drivers, select “Update driver” and choose if you want to install the updates manually or automatically.

video tdr failure atikmpag.sys

  • If you reinstall drivers, select “Uninstall device”. On the next window, select “Delete the driver software for this device”. Again click on “Uninstall”.
  • Go to the official website of your graphics card and download the drivers.
  • Once you’re done updating or reinstalling the drivers, restart your PC. Check if the TDR Failure error is fixed or not.

2. Clean The Components

Graphics Card should be the center of attention when you are having TDR errors on your device. Keeping your graphics card and other parts of the PC clean and neat is very important to avoid problems. Therefore, thoroughly clean the PC components.

 lenovo video tdr failure

If you are using a desktop computer, then just open the CPU carefully, and dust it thoroughly. Clean the fan, RAM strips, and other components carefully. Do not try wetting them with running water. Use distilled water or rubbing alcohol to clean the parts. And DO NOT turn on the device unless it is dried completely.

3. Change Power Options On Windows

  • Open the Control Panel and click on the “Hardware and Sound” section.
  • Now, open “Power Options” on the Hardware and Sound window.

how to fix video tdr failure

  • Here, click on “Change plan settings” and then click on “Change advanced power settings”.
  • A pop-up window for Power Options will open on the screen.


  • Expand the “PCI Express” option and make “Link State Power Management” off.
  • Click on “OK” to save the changes and restart the PC.
  • Once the device reboots, make sure to check if the Video TDR Failure error is fixed.

4. Update Windows

If you are still getting the error on your device, make sure you are using the latest version of Windows. An incompatibility issue between your graphics card update and Windows is also one of the major causes for the Video TDR Failure Windows 10 error. Therefore, update Windows to the latest version.

  • Press Windows+I keys to go to the Settings window and click on “Update & Security”.
  • Now, from the left pane of the window, click on the “Windows Update” tab.

video tdr failure windows 8

  • Here, you can find all the latest updates which are not installed yet on your device.
  • Download the updates and install them successfully.
  • Once done, restart the PC immediately, and then check if the error still appears.

5. Change Graphics Settings (For Intel Users)

This method is for Intel graphics card users. If you are using an Intel graphics card on your device, try changing the graphics settings for your device. This is one of the useful and working methods to fix the Video TDR Failure issue on Windows. Follow the steps given below to change the Intel graphics settings.

  • Firstly, download the Intel Driver Update Utility software from its official site, and then install it.
  • Once the installation is done, launch the Intel Driver Update Utility application.

 video tdr failure on startup

  • Now, go to the 3D Settings section, and make changes to the settings as given below.
    • Make “Application Optimal Mode” to Enable.
    • Under Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing, click on “Use Application Settings”.
    • Make “Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing” off.
    • Under General Settings, click on the Balanced Mode option.
  • Then, open the Video Settings, and make changes to the settings.
    •  Under “Standard Color Correction”, click on “Application Settings”.
    • Change the Input Range section to “Application Settings”.
  • Update the driver software and then restart the PC.

6. Disable Intel Graphics Card (For Intel Users)

If you are still getting the error after changing your Intel graphics settings, then try this solution. In this method, you have to disable your graphics card to fix the problem. This solution has actually worked for a lot of Intel users. So, you can also give it a try for the best.

  • Go to the Start menu on your Windows 10 and right-click on it.
  • From the given menu, open the “Device Manager”.

video tdr failure when playing games

  • Expand the Display adapters, and right-click on your graphics card.
  • Select the “Disable device” option to disable the graphics card.


Video TDR Failure is a display card or graphics card issue. Having a faulty or outdated graphics card driver will trigger the error on ATI or AMD or Intel graphics card. Performing the solutions given here should fix the problem within no time. Keep visiting TechyGun to get more useful information and relevant articles.

How to fix Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys)

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