10 Best The Forest Mods With Points

the forest mods

Are you looking for the best The Forest mods to enhance your gameplay? There are a number of loyal fans of The Forest game who are always trying to add all the latest updates to the mods for The Forest. Applying mods to your The Forest game will surely add more features, make things easier or harder according to your choice and its like to know is the forest cross platform games. Check out the best The Forest mods recommendations that we have for you and choose the one you like from here.

The Forest is one of the most popular survival horror video games that are available right now. The Forest was developed and published by Endnight Games and was released on Windows in April 2018. A PS4 supported version of this game was later released in November 2018. The Forest became an incredible hit within a short span of time due to its interesting gameplay that you won’t get in most games.

the forest mods

Most people want to make their games either easier a bit or want to spice it up even more. There are mods that can increase the level of horror, enhance the graphics, and also hunt down your path easily. Choosing the suitable mod for your game is all that you need to make your game according to your liking. Get the best mods for The Forest from below and install them on your device to start using the mods in The Forest game.

10 Best The Forest Mods

Following are the best mods for The Forest survival horror video games. Check out these mods and install the ones that you like from Nexus Mods easily. Let’s start looking at The Forest mods below.

1. Ultimate Cheatmenu

Ultimate Cheatmenu is one of the most popular The Forest mods available these days. Most of The Forest players use this mod for sure. If you also want to get an upper hand on your opponents, especially the cannibals, the Ultimate Cheatmenu mod is the best option. Having a lot of advantages in your hand, this mod will make The Forest game a lot easier for you.

 the forest weapon mods

The Ultimate Cheatmenu mod offers cheats in the game and a lot of additional benefits. In this mod, the player can fly, chop the tress with one slash, can see clearly underwater, freeze the time, spawn animals, spawn enemies, spawn items, and also create infinite gardens and buildings. You will also get unlimited fuel for the chainsaw, automatically activated dynamites, and Molotov cocktails without a lighter with this mod.

2. Infinite Zipline

Zipline is one of the most important means of traveling in The Forest game when you have a lot of paths that can’t be crossed by foot. You got to press the E key or the space key to leave the zipline and to land on the surface. But, what if you don’t want your zipline.

best the forest mods

The exact feature is available in the Infinite Zipline mod. Infinite Zipline mod is the second-most downloaded and is one of the best The Forest mods. Download this mod now if you want to enjoy your game without worrying about stranded hands.

3. Full Inventory

Having your bag filled with lots of survival items and fighting weapons like batteries, axes, coins cloth, circuit boards, etc is totally fun. If you are left in a dark forest all alone by yourself with the mission to find your son, then most probably, you are in need of some good supplies.

the forest mods reddit

Full Inventory mod will make sure your game inventory is full of supplies, coins, weapons, etc. Using this mod, you will get all your favorite inventory items without doing much. Just pressing the F7 button is enough to make all the items that you need go to your inventory.

4. Map

The Map is one of the most downloaded mods for The Forest game. The player has to explore and survive in the forest and search for his son. The daytime will be used for exploring, building, and feeding yourself whereas the nights in The Forest game are a nightmare.

The Forest mods multiplayer

Using the Map mod, the players can easily track down the location of the cannibals and can save themselves from danger. The Map mod in The Forest game will give you a thorough map of your surroundings. You can locate the caves, dangers, and your enemies using the map.

5. Better BluePrints

Better BluePrints is a mod that lets you do things in your way. This mod defies the laws of Physics and lets you change the blueprints of the whole structures present in the game. Using the Better BluePrints mod, the user can build anything and anywhere without any rules or conditions of directions, anchor points, etc.

the forest mod menu

Better BluePrints is one of the most popular The Forest mods according to the Fandom Wiki of The Forest. With this mod applied to your game, you can change or customize the color of blueprints, rotate items quickly, build without anchor point limits, and also get infinite zipline.

6. Longer Nights and Days

Longer Nights and Days is another one of the best The Forest mods. Most players think that the days and nights in the game are too short. The Longer Nights and Days mod will make the days and nights longer than usual. If you think the days and nights are too short in the game, get this mod now.

 the forest mod api

During the daytime, the players will have the freedom to explore, build, search for food, and collect resources. At night time, the cannibal attacks in the forest will put your life in danger. Using the Longer Nights and Days mod, your days and nights will become even more challenging.

7. Player Upgrade Points

Player Upgrade Points is another one on our list of the best The Forest mods. The Player Upgrade Points mod is helpful when you want to make some points for your game and upgrade to the higher levels in The Forest game.

 the forest mods steam

Player Upgrade Points mod will turn your game into an RPG(role-playing game). You can reach higher levels and keep upgrading your game so that you can earn more and more points. This mod is one of the best ones out there to upgrade your points in the game.

8. Easy Building

Most people love to make things easy and simple. Building and crafting are the most important parts of The Forest game. However, building houses, bridges, and other constructions are too time-consuming for your game. What if you got to finish the construction in half of the regular effort and resources. Amazing, isn’t it?

the forest mods nexus

Easy Building mod will do this for you. Easy Building is one of the best The Forest mods Nexus and other sites can offer. This mod will make crafting any building or construction easier. For instance, you can build a fortification piece with just 14 logs instead of 28 logs. Easy Building is definitely one of the best The Forest mods.

9. Champions Of The Forest

Champions Of The Forest is another one that we would recommend in The Forest mods. This is also one of the best mods that basically changes the gameplay of your game. The Champions Of The Forest mod will transform your game into a role-playing game(RPG).

mods for the forest

This mod supports multiplayer support so that you can enjoy fighting with enemies with your friends. Not only that, but this mod offers custom weapons, leveling system that keeps upgrading your points with each level, and hundreds of perks. Try this mod now if you want to try something new in The Forest.

10. Bigger Backpack

Can’t adjust your things in the regular backpack? Well, get a bigger one using the Bigger Backpack mod. If you are having a hard time adjusting lots of things in your regular backpack, then this mod will help you out. You can store an infinite number of weapons and necessities in your backpack.

the forest best mods

Bigger Backpack is one of the most useful The Forest mods. The Bigger Backpack mod will allow you to store as many inventory items as you want in your bag You don’t have to think about your backpack getting full. It won’t happen with this mod. You can carry more items than general for your game.


We hope you liked the best 10 The Forest mods suggested in this article. The Forest is an excellent survival horror video game with creepy backgrounds and visuals that will give you chills for sure. If you want to make your game more interesting or want to play your way, then The Forest mods are one of the best options. Try out the mods that we have shared here and tell us which one you liked. To get more useful guides from TechyGun, stay tuned.

10 Best The Forest Mods With Points

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