How To Get The Forest Game Map & Compass

Is there any way to get The Forest Game Map? Well, know is the forest cross platform and more. If you are looking for a quick and step-by-step guide that will lead you to The Forest in Game Map, then you came to the right place. Here, we have given the ultimate guide to the game map in The Forest game.

The Forest is a survival horror video game that leaves in you a dangerous forest all alone by yourself. In The Forest game, there is actually no navigation feature that will help you out of the wide and dark forest. There will be no map to hunt down the path or a compass to know which direction you are moving in.

the forest game map

However, you can earn The Forest game map with some simple steps. If you wanted to know how to get The Forest game map, then here you can get the details for that. Also, learn how to obtain a compass in The Forest game easily in this post below.

The Forest Game Map

The Map in The Forest game is a tool item that helps the player navigate both above and below ground. The Forest game map is a useful object when you are playing this game. Stuck in a dark forest without any clue, a game map will relieve the tension and the player will get an idea about the destination. Roaming around the forest without a map, it is really difficult to know the directions and path. Therefore, obtaining a game map in The Forest is necessary for every player.

what is the forest game map

At first, The Forest game map will be blank when you open it. But, once you start moving, the map will start showing the details. These maps will show you the landmark information of your surroundings. You can get to know where are the necessary items, caves, places to hide, and can also see where are your enemies waiting for you. Using a map in this game is definitely going to be a wise decision. However, only a map is not all that you need for exploring the dangerous island of The Forest. To make things easier, a compass with the game map will be required for sure.

The Forest Game Map Location

The game map for The Forest game is present in Cave 2 – Hanging Cave. The closest entrance to this cave can be found in the main village within the game. However, it is quite difficult to reach the map by finding its entrance. You can also find a few hard opponents in search of the map.

Also, when the player dies for the first time in the game, he or she will be dragged to this cave. Just do some searching in the cave and the game map will be yours. Apart from The Forest game map, this cave will also give you a compass that is going to be very helpful in navigating the path down.

How To Get The Forest Game Map & Compass

There are two ways to get the map and compass in The Forest game. For the first way, you have to search for the entrance of the cave and defeat your opponents and then obtain the map. This method will be difficult and you won’t easily find the entrance of the cave in the initial hours of the game. The other way to hunt down the map is by dying for the “First” time.

The simplest way to go to The Forest game map is by tasting death. When the player dies for the first time in the game, then the player will be dragged to Cave 2 РHanging Cave automatically. This is the same cave where the map for your location is present. Therefore, you have to die to reach the game map in this game.  Follow the step-by-step guide given below to get the map in The Forest.

  • Firstly, the player requires to die. To die on your own, jumping off a cliff, or exposing yourself to danger would do.

the forest game map location

  • Once you are dead, you will be dragged to the cave where the map and compass are present.
  • After waking up, turn on the lighter or torch(since the cave is dark) and catch the ax and free the character to explore in the cave.

the forest in game map

  • When you land on the ground safely, start moving from the landing place and cross the small corridor.
  • Keep going for a few meters until you come across some objects lying on the ground. Now is the time to pay attention.
  • Most of the objects lying on the ground will be coins. Upon searching carefully, you will easily find the map and compass next to the coins.

 the forest map caves

  • Take The Forest game map and compass and exit the cave successfully. You can start using the map and compass in your game.

How Does The Forest Game Map Work

The map will just be an empty piece of paper when you see it for the first time. As the player goes on moving around, the map will start showing the details. To bring the map in your game, you just have to press the map key, “M” by default.

The Forest Third-Party Maps

There are a number of third-party websites that offer The Forest game map for the players. You can check out the game map for The Forest by third-party websites online. Many fan accounts have also made the game map available. One of these sites which are reliable is uses a detailed satellite-style map of the peninsula. Though it just works fine, there could be a lagging issue.


We hope you got to know all the details about the game map and how to view The Forest in game map with the help of this post. You can go either the hard way or a simple way for obtaining the map in The Forest. If you have started playing not so long ago, then you can easily go to the cave directly by dying for the first time. If you still have any doubts about the maps in The Forest game, then feel free to ask us in the comments. For more related posts, visit TechyGun.

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