How to Fix Steamworks Common Redistributables Error

If you are a Steam user, then you must have come across the “Steamworks Common Redistributables” folder. Most Steam users have noticed that this folder keeps showing up often after the recent update of Steam. The users are unsure whether the Steamworks Common Redistributable update is an error or a useful component of the software.

Steam is a video game digital distribution platform developed by Valve. Most popular video games are brought to Windows devices via the Steam client. Steam was introduced as the standalone software client to provide automatic game updates. Most Windows users are relying on the Steam client to play all of their favorite games without any hassle.

steamworks common redistributables

Steamworks is the set of tools and services that helps the game developers and publishers get the most out of distributing games on Steam. This suite of tools is useful for installing games on Steam Client. However, the folder didn’t use to show up earlier. After the latest update of Steam, the folder keeps bugging the users by showing up on the screen. If you are also curious to know what is Steamworks Common Redistributables, read here.

What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks is a set of tools and services that helps the game developers and publishers get the most out of distributing games on Steam. The game developers on Steam use this folder of game-supporting files to optimize the game for Windows devices. Most consoles do not need this type of suite of tools. Since the gaming consoles are designed to support high-end games, they do not need any extra installation files.

steam common redistributables

However, when using a Windows PC for playing games, you will have to optimize the games as per the Windows device. The Common Redistributables folder on your device makes it easier to mold the game according to Windows preferences. The files that are involved in this folder are very much useful in successfully installing a game and running it on your device.

When you download a game or any other software on your Windows PC, a set of supporting files is also installed automatically. Similarly, when you download a game on Steam client, it also installs a suite of tools on your device. This set of tools is necessary for the smooth installation and to run your game without any issues. Not having the Steamworks tools on your device will most probably end up in a game crash.

Having Steamworks Common Redistributables will support each and every game installed on Steam without downloading or installing any extra files. The same files in this folder are used for all the games instead of installing a large number of files on your device. This saves up a lot of storage on your device and also ensures your games are installed smoothly. This folder used to run in the background earlier. But, after the latest update of Steam, the SCR folder is showing up on the screen.

Steamworks Common Redistributables Files

You already got to know that Steamworks is a set of tools or files that are supporting the game to install and run according to Windows. The Steamworks Common Redistributables files that are present in the folder are given below. Whenever you install a Steam file on your Windows PC, the following installation files also come along.

what is steamworks common redistributables

  • Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • .NET Framework
  • DirectX 9
  • OpenAL
  • XNA
  • PhysX

For instance, you are installing two games on your device using the Steam client. If not having Steamworks Common Redistributables on your device, all of the above supporting files are installed twice with the game. The same will go on whenever you install a game which will result in a larger space consumption and duplicate files. Therefore, having the Steamworks Common Redistributables folder on your device is useful.

How To Delete Steamworks Common Redistributables Error

Steamworks Common Redistributables is a useful folder to run Steam games properly. Therefore, the answer to your question is a simple “No”. This folder is useful for smooth game installations and also to run the Steam client without any interruption. If you are going to delete this update from your device, then it will result in a game crash on Steam. Not only that, but this folder is also beneficial for game installations. It helps in reducing the installation time, saves time and storage at the same time for your device.

When you install a game from the Steam client on your device, the Steam Common Redistributables folder will check the game files. If it needs any of the tools present in SCR, then the folder will make use of its tools instead of installing game files again and again. Therefore, don’t delete this folder from your device. It is a useful tool to run your games without any crashes. And it is not an error at all. If your problem is that it keeps showing up, then you can just hide the folder on Steam. Therefore, let it be on your device.

Can I Hide Steamworks Common Redistributables

It is true that you shouldn’t delete the Steamworks folder from your device since it is a useful set of tools. However, if you find it annoying that the folder often shows up on your screen, you can just hide it. If you don’t want to see Steamworks Common Redistributables on your device screen, hide the folder by following the steps given below.

  • First of all, open Steam client on your device. On the main page, click on the “Library” tab.

steamworks common redistributables update

  • Now, scroll down and find the Steamworks Common Redistributables folder.

steamworks common redistributables error

  • Right-click on this folder, go to the “Manage” submenu and click on “Hide this game”.
  • The folder will be hidden now. Whenever you want to find the folder, go to the Library tab in Steam.

Final Words

We hope you got to know what is Steamworks Common Redistributables folder, and what its use is. In this post, we have given a detailed explanation about the SCR folder. It is a useful folder that consists of game installation files such as Visual C++, DirectX, PhysX, and others. Don’t get rid of this folder mistaking it for an error or malware. For more useful posts, keep visiting the TechyGun website.

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