Should I choose fighter or explorer in Stardew Valley?

Should I choose Fighter or Scout in Stardarew Valley?

It might seem like Scout is the best option, but since the crit chance is the multiplicative fighter it’s actually the best option. Not only will you deal more consistent damage, but you’ll also gain more HP to tank up in combat. Scout offers no HP and inconsistent damage.

Can you change Stardarew professions?

Change of professions 10,000g, the statue requires the player to choose a skill to change. That night after bed, the level 5 “Choose a Profession” screen will appear, followed by the level 10 “Choose a Profession” screen for the selected skill on the statue.

How is hardwood handled in Stardarew Valley?

Hardwood is a resource. Obtained by chopping down a mahogany tree with any axe, a large stump with a copper ax or better, or a large log with a steel ax or better. Six (6) large stumps respawn daily in the secret forest, making it possible to obtain 12 hardwoods per day.

Where is the secret valley of the secret forest?

The Secret Woods is an open-air area that can be entered from the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest. The entrance is initially blocked by a fallen log that can be cleared after upgrading to at least one steel axe. Secret Woods contain seasonal forums and slogans that will attack the player.

What are you doing in the Stardarew Forest Secret Valley?

The statue, Stardrop & Sweet Gem Berry far on the left side of the secret woods, you can research an Old Master Cannoli statue. He says, “Old Master Cannoli, I’m still looking for the sweetest taste.” If you bring him a sweet Berry gem, he will get a stardrop in return, raising his maximum energy permanently.

What is the secret in the dark tunnel in Stardarew Valley?

To reach it, follow the road west from the bus stop and continue west along the road through the backwoods. The only feature of interest in the tunnel is a one-panel panel near the center of the tunnel that can be opened with a battery. Secret Note #22 hints at the existence of this panel, much like a lost book.

Where is secret note 19?

Secret Note #19 Starting at the green square depicted, which is directly in front of the house door, follow each arrow until your character can no longer move.

How do you get secret note 20?

When secret note 20 spawns, players will need to head to the center of the eye in the town square. They will have to follow the direction of each arrow until they reach a permanent obstacle, then take their next turn.

Where is the necklace by the bath house?

A fancy necklace found in the water outside the bathhouse. It’s still wet. The Ornate Necklace is a special item that is unlocked after reading secret note #25. To find it, fish in the water outside the spa during any season except winter.

Should I choose fighter or explorer in Stardew Valley?

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