Is it legal to sell a PUBG account?

Is it legal to sell a PUBG account? Action will be taken against the act of accessing accounts that are not in your possession and marketing or selling the accounts or your game data without the written approval of the company. How can I sell my PUBG items for real money? Sell ​​your PUBG skins … Read more

Which region is better for PUBG?

Which region is better for PUBG? PUBG MOBILE has 5 servers that can be played and infiltrated. Among them are North America, Europe, Asia, South America and KRJP. Of all these servers, Asian servers that have the most competitive climate among all existing servers. Which country is easy in PUBG? 19% Germany 6% Russia 6% … Read more

How do you hear the footsteps better in PUBG 2020?

How do you hear better footsteps in PUBG 2020? The best audio settings disable SFX plugins. Needless to say, you’ll want your sound set on fire by any weird plugins or software. Wear headphones. As with any first-person shooter, you’ll get the best sound experience with a headset. Try Dolby Atmos. Sound volume setting. Sound … Read more

Is the ESP hack in PUBG safe?

ESP HACK SAFE IN PUBG? Obviously it’s not safe, recently Pubg has made an announcement about their anti cheat system and they banned about 2.5 million accounts. They said we are trying to catch cheaters and they were banning for 10 years. If you do not want to get banned from PUBG then it is … Read more

Is FPP better than TPP in PUBG?

is FPP better than TPP in PUBG? overall experience. Unlike TPP, where players can see their characters in-game, FPP offers a more immersive experience while playing the game. In first person view, players can only see their weapon and a crosshair. It is closer to reality compared to the third person view. Is PUBG better … Read more

How do I join a PUBG Mobile team?

How will I join a PUBG mobile team? How to join a PUBG mobile tournament Download the Game.TV app from the App Store or Play Store. Login to the application with mobile number and entering the OTP. Click Tournament to view its details, then click Register and follow the on-screen instructions. You have successfully registered … Read more

Does PUBG have aim assist on Xbox?

Does PUBG have PUBG help on Xbox? PUBG ON XBOX ONE DOES NOT OFFER ATTACHMENT HELP FORM, MEANS IN COMPARISON TO OTHER CONSOLE PACKS, landing shots will understandably be more challenging. What are the best settings in PUBG? The best graphics settings for PUBG MOBILE Graphics: Smooth. Frame rate: Extreme. Style: Colorful. Anti-aliasing: Disabled. Colorblind … Read more

Can you choose which map to play in PUBG?

Can you choose which map to play with in PUBG? There is currently no way to choose your PUBG map. In Player Battlegrounds, there are two maps you can play, Erangel (the original map) and Miramar (the new desert map). Can I change the server in PUBG? Changing a server in PUBG Mobile is a … Read more

Is the Korean version of PUBG banned in India?

Is PUBG Korean version banned in India? PUBG MOBILE has announced that its Korean version will be restricted soon. People living outside of Japan and Korea will soon lose access to the game. Indian players can access PUBG MOBILE KR until June 30. Is PUBG banned in South Korea? India is just one of many … Read more