PS4 Beeping! How to Fix It Now Using Simple Methods?

PS4 Beeping! How to fix It Now

Did you fail to analyze why PS4 Beeping continuously? Are you in search of certain methods which help us to fix the issue? If yes, let me tell you we are here to explore such useful methods sharing in detail. Before we learn the methods, let us take a brief note on going through a simple overview related to PlayStation4 (PS4). This is actually considered as a console none other called in simple terms device.

Introduced by the Sony Computer Entertainment and the year is 2013. Among the various consoles, PS4 plays a major role to play our favorite games conveniently throughout time. So far, users had not to face any issues. But recently they are claiming that seeing PS4 keeps beeping continuously and trying to eject the disc inserted into the console.

PS4 Beeping! How to fix It Now

Unaware of the issue why it actually getting happened, they are worried enough and looking hard to fix it at any cost. If you are one among them, worry not. Because we had come with appropriate solutions which might help in resolving the ps4 beeping 3 times issue within a less amount of time. The methods are simple and easy to understand. Just make sure you go through the details perfectly and apply the same to fix the issue now itself.

How to Fix PS4 Beeping Issue Using Simple Methods

Well, to fix the ps4 keeps beeping, there are certain methods that help you to fix the problem easily. So, are you ready to go through them? If yes, here we begin learning each and every method explored just below in detail.

Turn PS4 OFF and Turn ON

Recently it has been observed that many users complaining or reporting as they are facing PS4 beeping issues. Henced to fix this, there is one simple solution. Thus to implement this, follow the below steps one by one and check whether the issue had been resolved or not. So, therefore, let’s start.

ps4 beeping 3 times

  • Turn off the PS4 initially by tapping on the power button.
  • Unplug the whole HDMI cables, DS4 power cable, and also the main power cable.
  • Make sure you keep holding the power button continuously for at least 30 seconds till you hear the continuous 2 beeps.
  • Now after a while around 5-10 minutes later, plug in back the power cable, HDMI, and DS4 cables perfectly.
  • Now Switch the PS4 console ON again and check whether the issue has been resolved successfully or not.

If yes, you can continue accessing the console throughout the time. If in the case failed to fix ps4 keeps beeping issue, try applying below methods too that might help in solving problem successfully.

Install the Latest Updated version of system software on PS4

Now, this is the second method we had to apply if at all above one fail to fix ps4 beeping 3 times issue. So, are you ready to learn the details related to this particular method? If yes, here we begin.

why does my ps4 keep beeping

  • You are requested to check initially whether the system software update is available or no.
  • For this, navigate to the settings-> Choose the system software update option available over there.
  • Now check out whether is there an update available or no.
  • If you notice an update, you are asked to update the system software initially to fix certain small bugs like PS4 beeping 3 times.
  • Wait till the whole update is done.
  • Once it gets finished, restart the console.

After the successful restart check whether the issue had been fixed successfully or no. If no and still you face the same problem, try the below method.

Clean Up the dust and Cover the Eject Button With the Help of Tape

This is another alternative solution by which the problem can be resolved so easily. So, are you ready to try? If yes, let’s begin. This method is applicable because few of the users had been reported they are facing trouble with the eject button and thereby noticing PS4 beeping continuously.

ps4 keeps beeping

Thus if you are one among them, try the below steps one by one and get rid of the issue successfully. However, applying the below method takes a very little amount of time. Hence let’s begin.

[su_note note_color=”#a9e0ec”]If you have warranty only, try this method. Otherwise, simply avoid it and visit customer support to take guidance and fix the issue appropriately.[/su_note]

  • Remove the screws initially. Also, do not forget to remove the fuselage shell that is comprised of the Sony logo present at the bottom side of the PS4 device panel.
  • Clean the dust from all the parts. Right at the bottom, you might have seen the sensor.
  • Place the tape over the sensor. Thus try to re-assemble again fixing screws and panels accordingly by taking the appropriate care.
  • Now restart the console and check again whether the issue had been fixed successfully. If you get fail, can visit the customer support center to take proper guidance and then fix the issue in an easy way.
  • That’s it!! As simple as that!

What Causes PS4 Keeps Ejecting Discs?

You might get doubt why this problem had been encountered. The reason behind it might be due to the following things.

  • Disc related issues
  • Eject button
  • Software problems
  • Eject screw

Hence by applying the above methods, you can easily come out from the issues like PS4 keeps ejecting Discs and at the same time PS4 beeping continuously. I hope the details and other information shared here is crystal clear.


These are some common methods that try to apply to fix the problem of PS4 beeping continuously. If you are one of the users who is suffering from the same problem, suggest trying these methods. Anyhow to learn more interesting tutorials stay connected with techygun and fix the issues you are facing with an appropriate device easily.

PS4 Beeping! How to Fix It Now Using Simple Methods?

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