Is Rocket League Cross Platform Or Not

is rocket league cross-platform

Is Rocket League cross platform? Can I cross play Rocket League between PC and console? If you are also looking for the same thing, then this guide is for you. Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. This game was released in 2015 without any cross platform feature for its compatible platforms. When talking about any multiplayer game, it is absolutely normal that the players want a cross platform for the game.

Released as a sequel to the 2008 PS3 video game, Psyonix’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars,  Rocket League became tremendously popular within a short period of time. This game is loved for its unique gameplay, amazing graphics, and in-game features that are very much loved by gamers around the world. With both multiplayer and single-player options available on Rocket League, a lot of users have been attracted to this game.

is rocket league cross-platform

Rocket League is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. Without cross platform play support, the users can only match up with those who are on the same device. Now, that a lot of people have heard that their favorite game, Rocket League, has gone cross platform, many users are confused. Is Rocket League cross platform for real? or is it just fake news? Read to know.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform?

Yes. Rocket League is cross platform on all of its supported devices. After 4 years of its release, a cross platform feature was released in 2019. The devices on which is Rocket League cross platform are Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam or Epic Games Store (Windows, Linux, and Mac). Now, the Rocket League players don’t have to worry about their gaming hardware if they want to play with their cross platform friends.

is rocket league cross-platform ps4

The Rocket League PC players can play with the console users, whether they are on Xbox One, PS4, or Switch. The game is greatly supported to cross play between console and console, PC and PC, and console and PC without any issues. A Nintendo Switch user can play with a Linux PC user, a Steam or Epic Games Store user can play with a PS4 user, without worrying about their gaming platforms.

Here is what Rocket League’s official website says regarding is Rocket League cross platform or not.

Players on Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam can randomly matchmake with or against each other in all Online Match types for Rocket League.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Yes. Rocket League can be played on PS4 and Xbox One consoles together without any hassle. Not only PS4, but now the PS5 consoles are also ready to be used for cross play. You can play Rocket League on all of its supported platforms together, its like diablo 3 cross platform or not.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform Xbox and PC?

is rocket league crossplay

Rocket League supports cross platform play between Xbox One and Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs. As we know the Rocket League has cross play for Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam platforms, so yes, this game can be played together between a PC user and an Xbox One console user.

Is Rocket League CrossPlay PC and Switch?

Yes. Nintendo Switch console users can play with their cross platform friends who are on PC. No matter if the PC user is on Steam or Epic Games Store, the Switch users can cross play with them for the game.

How To Play Rocket League With Cross Platform Friends

You got the answer for “Is Rocket League cross platform?”. But, how to play? If you have a friend who is Rocket-League cross platform user, then you can easily play with him/her or against him/her. You just have to enable the cross platform play option on your game and that’s it. You are all set to play with your cross platform friends. To enable cross platform play on Rocket League, follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, launch the Rocket League game on your respective device.
  • Now, go to the Main Menu and open the “Settings” option.
  • Here, click on the “Gameplay” tab and go to Cross Platform Play.

rocket league cross-platform

  • Check the box for “Cross Platform Play” to enable cross play.
  • That’s it. Now, add your friends to join the game with them.

Rocket League Cross Platform Limitations

Is Rocket League cross platform? Yes, but there comes some drawbacks. This game supports crossplay among all of its compatible platforms which are PCs (Windows, Linux, and Mac), PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles. But, we all know that the game versions of these devices are slightly different from each other.

One of the main limitations that is Rocket League cross platform has is the in-game voice chat issue. The players cannot use the in-game voice chat or text chat when they are cross playing with different devices. The Quick Chat feature by Psyonix can be used to send quick blurbs instead of voice chat. Also, the cross progression feature is not available on Rocket League.

Rocket League game for Xbox One has unique features such as Armadillo and Hogsticker vehicles which are not available on other platforms. Similarly, the PS4 version of Rocket League has Sweet Tooth that is not on other devices. When Xbox users cross play with PC players, the Hogsticker vehicle and Armadillo will appear as Octane to the PC users whereas the PC users will see the Sweet Tooth as the Merc.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform Progression?

Not yet. The Rocket League game doesn’t have cross platform progression support right now. However, the developers are soon to introduce this feature in the game. Most probably, a cross-progression feature for Rocket League is expected to be available later this year. With a cross-progression feature, your in-game progress can be carried over all of the available devices. The purchases and game data are also added to your cross platform account with this feature.


We have given all the details related to one of the most asked questions on our website which is “Is Rocket League cross platform?”. The answer is yes, Rocket League is cross platform for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Epic Games Store platforms. Now you can join your favorite game with your cross-platform friends and have fun with cross-play. Keep visiting TechyGun to get more related posts.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform Or Not

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