Is PUBG PC Lite full of bots?

is PUBG PC Lite full of bots?

However, that is not the case with Pubg Lite, which has almost zero bots. Pubg Lite is a free version of the game for systems with low specifications. Everything in Pubg Lite is similar to the original PUBG game except for the graphics, but that’s understandable given that it’s the “Lite” version of PUBG.

is PUBG LITE PC virus?

Recently discovered by MalwareHunterTeam, PUBG is a ransomware type virus that evenly infiltrates the system and encrypts most stored data. Also, this virus appends filenames with the “. PUBG “Extension (eg.” JPG “is renamed”. Of the difficulty the game has. Both survival and assassination are hard in PUBG PC, while in Pubg Lite, it is quite easy to play and win a chicken dinner.

Is PUBG PC Lite worth it?


Originally Answered: Is PUBG PC LITE a good game? If it is . It is free to play PUBG exactly like PUBG Mobile Graphics grade (slightly better) and PUBG PC like game mechanics.


Currently you cannot legally play Pubg Mobile or Pubg Mobile Lite legally in India. However, you can play PUBG PC, PUBG PS4 and PUBG XBOX ONE in the country as none of these games have been banned by the Indian Government. Note however that none of these games are available for free and priced at Rs 1,000 in India.

Can I play Pubg Lite on 2GB RAM PC?

Currently, PUBG LITE is just the Battle Royale game, which can be played on PC with only 2GB RAM.


Tencent Games recently released a scrap version of its popular PUBG MOBILE game, DUBADO PUBG MOBILE LITE. The team also revealed that Pubg Mobile Lite needs a minimum of 768MB of RAM to run smoothly. This means that even users with less than 1 GB of RAM can try the game.

How many GB is PUBG PC LITE?


Can I play PUBG LITE on 512MB RAM?

Requirements for PUBG MOBILE LITE Your mobile must have at least 512 MB of RAM if you want to run PUBG MOBILE LITE. If you want to run PUBG MOBILE LITE calmly, then it is better to have a 1GB RAM phone.

Is PUBG PC Lite full of bots?

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