Is Minecraft Cross-Platform PS4, Xbox

Is Minecraft cross-platform? You are not the only Minecraft lover out there who wants to know whether is Minecraft cross-platform or not for their gaming hardware. A lot of Minecraft players want to know if they can play simultaneously between a PC and a console. Minecraft, being one of the most popular games, it is common for the players to wish for a cross-play for the game. Well, there seems to be good news for Minecraft lovers as Minecraft has gone cross-platform now.

When talking about the best sandbox video games, Minecraft has to be on the top of the list. Minecraft is a hugely popular sandbox online video game that is loved around the world. This game is equally popular and is loved among kids, teens, and adults. Minecraft is developed by Mojang Studios and is currently owned by Microsoft Corporation.

is minecraft cross-platform

After being acquired by Microsoft, the Xbox console version of Minecraft has become a lot better when it comes to additional features like safe account, content control, cross-play, etc. Over the past few years, Minecraft has introduced a lot of new features and has also improvised the existing ones for its players. One of the most important from them is the cross-platform availability. So, is Minecraft cross-platform?

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

Yes. Minecraft is cross-platform, but only within the respective game versions. We all know that Minecraft has two versions of the game, Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition. While Minecraft Java is used for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC devices, the Minecraft Bedrock Edition is used by Xbox One, PS4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs.

Minecraft Java Edition is cross-platform only for Minecraft Java users no matter if they are using Linux, macOS, or Windows PC. Similarly, if you are playing the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game, then you can cross-play among gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Switch), Windows PC, and smartphones (Android and iOS) also see whether is stardew valley cross platform or not. Windows PC users are the common ones here if you are using the same game version.

Is Minecraft cross-platform? Here is a quick overview.

Minecraft Edition Device which is Minecraft cross-platform supported
Minecraft Java Edition Windows, Linux, and Mac PC
Minecraft Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Windows PC

Is Minecraft Java Cross-Platform?

Yes. Minecraft Java provides a cross-play feature as long as you are playing with another Minecraft Java Edition player. If you are a Minecraft Java user, then you can play simultaneously with Linux, Windows, and Mac PC users using the cross-play.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform for Java and Bedrock?

A lot of people wonder is Minecraft cross-platform for Java and Bedrock. The answer is no. Minecraft offers a cross-play as long as you are playing with the same game version user. The Java edition players can play together whereas the Bedrock Edition players can only play with those who have the same game version.

Is Minecraft cross platform Xbox and PS4

Minecraft Java players cannot cross-play with Minecraft Bedrock players. For instance, you are playing Minecraft on a Mac PC, then you can’t play with PS4 or Xbox One players. If you are a PS4 player, then you can’t cross-play with those who are using the Minecraft Java edition game.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform?

Minecraft Dungeons is available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. This means that this game is cross-platform for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch consoles, and also Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can’t play this game with Linux and macOS users.

Is Minecraft Realms Cross-Platform?

how to play minecraft cross platform ps4 and pc

As we have stated earlier, Minecraft is cross-platform within the same game edition. Therefore, if you want to play Minecraft Realms, then PC users can only play with other PC users and the console & smartphone users can play with other console users and smartphone users. If you want to play Minecraft Realms with a smartphone user and PC user simultaneously, then it won’t be possible.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox?

Yes. Whether you are on a PS4 or PS5, you can play with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players without any hassle. Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can cross-play with any other players as long as they are using the Bedrock edition of the Minecraft game.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform Windows PC and PS4?

Yes, but there is a condition. If you are using the Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your Windows PC, then you can play with not only PS4 console users, but also with smartphone users, Xbox console users, and Switch users. But, if you are using the Java edition of Minecraft on your PC, then you can’t cross-play with a PS4 player.

How To Cross-Play In Minecraft

Now that we know is Minecraft cross-platform feature is available for the users. The PC users can play with other PC users and the console users can play with other console users and mobile edition users. But, don’t you want to know how to cross-play with your friends on Minecraft? Well, here is how to do it.

Cross-Play In Minecraft Bedrock (Windows, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Android, iOS)

If you are a Minecraft Bedrock player, then you can cross-play with your friends and family members with these easy steps.

  • Firstly, buy a Minecraft B.E game and sign in using your account. If you are using Windows PC or Xbox console, then your sign-in will be automatically done using your Microsoft account.
  • If you are using the game on other consoles or smartphones, then click on “Sign in with a Microsoft Account”.

is minecraft dungeons cross-platform

  • You will receive a code on the screen. Go to and enter this code to sign in successfully.¬† Without signing in with an MS account, you can’t use the cross-platform feature.
  • Once you land in your game, create your Minecraft world and open it. Pause the game and go to Invite to Game -> Find Cross-Platform Friends.

is minecraft java cross-platform

  • Select your friends by clicking on “Add Friend”. All the added friends will appear in your “Online Friends” menu. From here, click “Send Invite”.

is minecraft realms cross-platform

  • Your friend will join your game with cross-play once he or she accepts your invitation.

Cross-Play In Minecraft Java (Windows, Linux, Mac)

The Minecraft Java game can be cross-played on Windows, Linux, and Mac PC devices. There are three possible ways to cross-play in the Minecraft PC edition game.

  • Just sign in to your account and send invites to your friends using their IP addresses.
  • The Java edition players can cross-play if all of them are connected to a LAN or local area network.
  • Another expensive option to cross-play is by purchasing the game servers through Minecraft Realms.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform: Conclusion

We hope you got the answer to “Is Minecraft cross-platform?” in this guide. The Minecraft game supports cross-platform for both of its game versions but differently. Within the same game version, the users can cross-play no matter what device they are using. So, join game with your friends and enjoy cross-play on Minecraft. For more related posts, visit website.

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