Is it safe to order from Scheels?

Is Scheels safe to order?

SCHEELS Review | Ratings and Customer Reviews – May . https: //scheels.knoji.comhttps: //

Does Scheels price match Amazon?

We work hard to price our products competitively and are always happy at prices that match any item you find less than one of our competitors, including Amazon.

How much do Scheels pay per hour?

Average Scheels hourly pay sports range from about $10.00 per hour for store manager to $12.35 per hour for sales associate. Scheels’ average sports salary ranges from approximately $24,999 per year for customer service representative to $129,766 per year for sales associate.

What do Scheels employees get paid?


Job title Salary
Shoe Sales Associate Salaries: 17 reported salaries $11/HR
Customer Service Salaries: 16 reported salaries $11/HR
Retail Sales Salaries Sales Associates – 12 salaries reported $12/HR

How much of a discount do Scheels employees get?


How long have they been hiring Scheels?

Overall, it was a very easy process. I was able to go through the process in a month. The process included a telephone interview and two in-person interviews. The process was quite relaxed and not too arduous.

How much do Scheels managers make?

The typical Scheels Manager salary is $42,549. Manager salaries at Scheels can range from $26,447 – $71,428.

What do Scheels employees wear?

A strict dress code that allows all employees to function as a unified whole. You are required to wear black pants, and shirts are provided. Depending on their positions determine if it is gray or black.

Is Scheels a good company?

Analysts I spoke with were unanimous in their opinion that Scheels offered the best retail experience for the sporting goods or outdoor leisure retailer operating today.

How does the Scheels drug test test?

The drug test was oral and required sucking on a foam swab. The test was quick.

Is Scheels a good place to work?

SCHEELS is a great place to start as a high school student, learn a lot about customer service and problem solving. It’s a great place to work overall, not many specific complaints that I have. The ASL who work there, the great bosses, are very helpful and treat all employees with respect.

Do Scheels employees get a discount?

Employee Benefits In addition to offering a 401K plan, Scheels invests in your retirement for you. Enjoy the best employee discount in the retail industry on equipment, apparel and footwear from your favorite brands.

How much does a Scheels Store Leader make?

The typical Scheels Assistant Store salary is $52,994. Salaries for store leaders at Scheels can range from $39,639, $102,670.

Does Scheels pay the commission?

Working at Scheels is just that job. The Pros about the job are the pay (Side note: even if the pay is good, they have control over you). Play Christian music, commission, uniforms are easy to throw. They expect a lot, but for that they pay very well.

Is it owned by Scheels Employee?

SCHEELS is a private, employee-owned business that owes its continued success to its empowered associates, leaders and partners who make decisions for their store and the entire company.

What outlet is Scheels in Utah?

SCHEELS is at 11282 S. State St., OFF I-15 (exit 292).

Who owns Scheels?

Steve D. Scheel, the Founder’s Great Grandson of Scheels, is the company’s Chairman of the Board, and great grandson Steve M. Scheel is CEO. Bill Nelson serves as president and oversees Scheels’ day-to-day operations of more than 6,000 associates.

Can you take dogs at Scheels?

SCHEELS is a sports store. All you ask is to keep your dog on a leash and under control.

Who owns Scheels?

steve scheel

What states are Scheels in?

SCHEELS is in 12 states: North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada, Illinois, Utah, Kansas, and Colorado. (And soon Texas.)

How big is Scheels in the colony?

300,000 Sq.Ft.

What is Scheels return policy?

SCHEELS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee That’s why and each of our store locations are prepared to provide you with the SCEELS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will exchange or refund your purchase.

Can you trade ammunition?

There is no federal law, but most places have a “no returns on ammo” policy. It would be waaay too easy for someone to AHEM “hot wire”, a round or 2 in a box, and return it.

What is the return policy at Walmart?

You can return items to Walmart without a receipt within 90 days of store purchase. If you don’t have a receipt, you can make a trade-in gift card, cash or a WalMart gift card based on the dollar amount of the transaction and a refund will be given for the current retail price.

Does Scheels Price Match Firearms?

SCHEELS allows its customers to price match online and in-store, a corporate customer service representative said. We called several Scheels Store locations to confirm this policy. Store associates added that there are no restrictions on which competitors the store will price match.

Is it safe to order from Scheels?

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