Is it legal to sell a PUBG account?

Is it legal to sell a PUBG account?

Action will be taken against the act of accessing accounts that are not in your possession and marketing or selling the accounts or your game data without the written approval of the company.

How can I sell my PUBG items for real money?

Sell ​​your PUBG skins for real money!

  • Opskins. Verified site. (5 of 5) social networks. steam group. Payment methods. PayPal. Bitcoin. pros
  • BITSKINS. Verified site. (4.5 of 5) social networks. Twitter. Payment methods. PayPal. Bitcoin. pros
  • SkinsCash. (3.5 of 5) social networks. steam group. Payment methods. PayPal. Bitcoin. pros
  • How do you take off a pubg outfit?

    How to dismantle items?

  • I touched [Inventario] in the bottom center of the lobby screen.
  • touch the icon [desmontaje] in the upper left corner of the inventory window.
  • Choose the items you want to unmount or just tap on the option [Seleccionar todas] to automatically choose all duplicate items and skins.
  • I touched [Desmontaje].
  • How can I exchange items for silver in PUBG?

    Go to the store and then the limited time and then redeem. Exchange the silver shards with the available items.

    How do you get quick silver in PUBG?

    #3 Purchase with BP – Players can head to the in-game store to purchase silver shards with BP coins. A total of 25 silver shards can be purchased each day, at a coin price of 5,000 bp. It is also a great way to get free silver shards in Pubg Mobile.

    How do I get PUBG silver?

    There are multiple ways to get silver shards. Daily missions, events (daily and weekly), special events (Christmas, etc.), from boxes, using BP, discarding clothes and few items. The more you play the game, the more options to get the things in the game like silver, BP and others.

    Can we gift silver in PUBG?

    If a friend is short on funds to buy something they really want, or just want to surprise them with UC or whatever excess silver/BP you have on hand for an occasion, you’ll want to open the friends list. From here, tap on the friend with the that you want to send a gift and hit the “Send a Gift” button just below your banner.

    Where can I use silver in PUBG?

    To use your silver shards, you need to head to the store for the Battle Royale title, where you will find the options for boxes, limited time, other, armory, and outfits.

    What can you buy with BP in PUBG MOBILE?

    BP, or Battle Points, is the PUBG Mobile currency that can be earned by completing matches, missions, or more. After each match, you will get an amount of BP, which can only be used to buy soldier crates and change your Avatar’s appearance or gender.

    Is it worth spending money on PUBG MOBILE?

    No. According to statistics on spending on mobile games – spending money on PUBGM gets you the following: skins (artillery, vehicle)

    who spent 16 lakh on pubg?

    In a strange incident, a teenager from Punjab spent a whopping Rs 16 Lakh on the popular Battle Royale Game Pubg by making in-app purchases. The 17-year-old spent money from his parents’ account to purchase in-game cosmetic items, artillery, tournament passes, and virtual ammunition.

    is PUBG an addictive game?

    PlayerunkNown’s Battlegrounds, the battle royale game known as ‘PUBG’, saw its popularity skyrocket right after it was introduced to mobile. And the player base for the rather addictive game doesn’t seem to be going down, even after a song of incidents from Gory regarding the game and the players of it.

    What do you do with your money in PUBG MOBILE?

    Sell ​​PUBG items for money They could sell it, make it cash. That’s why many players keep track of valuable items along with new crates so they can collect them and sell them for a decent price. You can also sell the items on the Steam Market to acquire some Steam Credit.

    Can you make money playing PUBG?

    Can I earn money from playing PUBG? Yes, you can earn money by playing PUBG. Most full-time PUBG players earn an income from streaming or competition, but you can also bet on ESPorts events or trainer players.

    How much does a PUBG player earn?

    Ghatak said that the minimum salary of PUBG Mobile India players from PUBG Tier 1 will be around Rs 40,00 to Rs 2,00,000. It is not known when exactly the game will be released in India.

    Is it legal to sell a PUBG account?

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