Is GTA Cross-Platform between PC and consoles

Is GTA cross-platform between PC and consoles? GTA 5 and GTA Online have been in the world of the GTA series since 2013, but, the game has not given a cross-play option for the users till now. Both these games are compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows platforms. However, there have been no announcements till now regarding the GTA 5 cross-platform support.

Grand Theft Auto, GTA is a video game series of action-adventure games developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The GTA game series has seven main games, four expansions, and four handheld versions. It is one of the most popular and commercially successful video game series in the world of video games.

is gta cross-platform

The currently available games under the GTA label are GTA V or GTA 5 and GTA Online. GTA 5 is the fifteenth installment in this game series and GTA Online is the standalone version of GTA 5. The GTA lovers around the world are waiting for their favorite games, GTA 5 and GTA Online to go cross-platform. If you also want to know whether is GTA cross-platform or not, then here is what you need to know.

Is GTA Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, No. GTA doesn’t support cross-platform play for any of its compatible platforms. Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, both the games are available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One devices. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the games are planned to release in March 2022.

Since GTA 5 and GTA Online are not cross-platform supported, the users can only play with their kind of hardware users. If you are playing GTA on a PC, then you can play together only with GTA PC players. Similarly, if you are on an Xbox console, then you should join the game only with Xbox family users. The same goes for the PlayStation users as well.

is gta 5 cross-platform

If you want to play cross-platform on GTA games, then the only possible way is to buy the game on different platforms. If you are a PC user and your friend is a PlayStation console user, then you can only play with your friend if you buy a PlayStation, its like playing the forest ps4 crossplay. This is not going to be a cheap option, so might as well forget about going cross-platform.

Is GTA Cross-Platform For GTA V?

No. GTA V or GTA 5 is not a cross-platform game. From its release till now, the game has not provided a cross-play for any of its compatible devices. The PlayStation supports playing multiplayer with PlayStation users only, if you are on Xbox, then you can play with Xbox console users, and PC users are allowed to join the game with PC members only.

Is GTA Online Cross-Platform?

is gta online cross-platform

Grand Theft Auto Online is a 2013 online multiplayer action-adventure game. This is the online component game of Grand Theft Auto 5 and supports playing multiplayer Grand Theft Auto 5 up to 30 players. Grand Theft Auto Online doesn’t support cross-platform play as well.

Is GTA Cross-Platform Xbox and PC?

A lot of Grand Theft Auto users want to know is GTA cross-platform between Xbox and Windows PC. The answer is no. Grand Theft Auto 5/Online doesn’t have a cross-platform play feature for any of its platforms. If you are an Xbox user, then you can’t play with your cross-platform friends. The same goes for the PC users as well. Only those with the same gaming device are allowed to play together on Grand Theft Auto.

Is GTA Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox?

is gta cross-platform ps4 and xbox

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are both totally non-cross-platform games. The GTA users can only play with those who have the same gaming devices. The PS4 users cannot crossplay with Xbox One or any other Xbox console. If you are on PlayStation, then you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 or Grand Theft Auto Online only with other PlayStation console players. The same goes for the Xbox family users.

When Is GTA Cross-Platform Play Going To Release?

The Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online both do not support a cross-platform feature, unfortunately. The Grand Theft Auto game franchise developers have already heard and received millions of requests and pleas from GTA lovers. However, there is still no cross-platform play feature released till now. But, maybe your wish will come true soon.

Don’t keep your hopes so high…It has been reported by a lot of platforms online that the upcoming game in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6 will be released with a cross-platform feature. Well, there has been no official announcement made till now. However, the players can expect a cross-play for GTA 6 game that will be released soon.

Is GTA Cross-Platform – Conclusion

Grand Theft Auto is not a cross-platform game. Any of the GTA games available in the GTA game series doesn’t support cross-platform play. The GTA 5 and GTA Online users can only play with those who have the same gaming hardware. PC players can play only with PC players, the PlayStation users can play with PlayStation, and the same goes for Xbox console users. That’s all for this post. Visit to get more updated guides.

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