Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Or Not in PC and Xbox

Do you want to know “Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform or Not?”. If you are here to know whether your favorite game, Gang Beasts supports cross-platform play or not, then this guide is all that you need right now. Get the complete details about Gang Beasts cross platform play, which device is Gang Beasts cross platform supported, and much more below.

Gang Beasts is a beat ’em up party game released in December 2017. This game was developed and published by British indie studio Boneloaf and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and PlayStation 4 initially. Later, in March 2019, an Xbox One version for the Gang Beasts game was released. Gang Beasts offer both single-player and multiplayer modes so that the players can enjoy solo or in a team.

is gang beasts cross platform

The game doesn’t support cross-platform play when playing in multiplayer mode. Many gamers want to play their favorite games with their cross-platform friends. It is not always possible to find friends who have the same gaming device as you. This is why users on Xbox want to gang up with PS4 or PC players using cross-platform play. But, is Gang Beasts cross platform coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC?

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

Gang Beasts is not a cross-platform game. This beat ’em up party game doesn’t support a cross-platform play feature on any of its compatible devices which are Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game offers up to 8 multiplayer modes and also has a single-player mode available for the gamers. However, we all know that playing with your friends is another level of experience.

is gang beasts cross-platform 2021

Gang Beasts do not have cross-platform support from the day of its release till now. This game doesn’t support cross-play for any of its compatible platforms, it is like to know is the forest cross platform or not. This means PS4 players can play Gang Beasts with PS4 users only. Xbox One users can play Gang Beasts multiplayer with Xbox One users and PC users (Linux, macOS, and Windows) with other PC users only.

Another important feature that this game denies to offer its users is the “cross-generation play”. The major gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are not allowed to play together with the same console if they are not from the same generation. This means that PS4 users cannot play with PS5 users and Xbox One users cannot play with Xbox Series X/S players.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between Xbox and PC?

No. Gang Beasts doesn’t support a crossplay feature for PS4, Xbox One, and PCs of Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you are playing Gang Beasts on an Xbox One gaming hardware and your friend is a PC user, then you both can’t play this game together. Only PC to PC and Xbox One to Xbox One users are allowed to play together.

is gang beasts cross-platform between xbox and ps4

No cross-platform support is available as of now for Gang Beasts. But, the gamers can expect a cross-platform play very soon. In the next update of the game, the players will get cross-platform play support between Xbox One and PC, whether it is Windows, Linux, or macOS. The developers of the game are in news to be planning cross-platform play for Gang Beasts.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between PC and PS4?

Is Gang Beasts cross platform for any device? No. The game, Gang Beasts doesn’t support cross-play for PC, PS4, and Xbox One devices. So, if you want to play Gang Beasts, then you can only play with those who have the same device as yours. PC users can join the multiplayer game for Gang Beasts only with other PC users. The same goes for PlayStation 4 players as they can play only with other PS4 users only. Chances are that Gang Beasts will give cross-play support for the game very soon.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between Xbox and PS4?

Gang Beasts is not a cross platform supported game. PlayStation users can share the server only with other PS4 players and Xbox console players for Gang Beasts can only play with other Xbox One players. If you are using Xbox One and want to play with your PS4 friend, then it won’t be possible for Gang Beasts. However, many people are believing that Gang Beasts will give cross-platform support in the next update.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Expected Soon?

We know that Gang Beasts is not a cross-platform play game and does not support cross-play for any of its compatible devices as of now. However, there is good news for those Gang Beasts lovers who want cross-platform play for their favorite game. In the very next update of the game, Gang Beasts will have a cross-platform play feature update for Xbox and PC.

is gang beasts cross-platform between xbox and pc

As for the other devices PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PCs, the cross-platform feature is not expected to come so soon. But, there is still some hope as the official website of Gang Beasts says “Gang Beasts currently does not offer cross-play functionality, but we are looking into ways of adding this feature. We will announce it when we know more”. So, Gang Beasts lovers, just wait a little more and hope for the best.


Is Gang Beasts cross platform? To conclude, the answer is “No”. Gang Beasts is not a cross-platform game and does not support cross-play for any of the devices which are compatible with the game. If you are an Xbox One user, then you can only play with Xbox One players and cannot play with PS4 and PC users. But, a cross-platform play for Gang Beasts is expected to come soon. So, let’s just wait for a cross-play until then. Keep visiting TechyGun for more updates.

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