Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play?

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play? Do you want to play Fortnite on your Xbox and also on your Playstation 4? You can, as long as you have a streaming service! A couple of the most popular ones are PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass. These services allow players to stream games from their console onto any device that is connected to the internet.

With these two options, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing on an Xbox or a Playstation because they both offer cross-platform compatibility! Now, what about Fortnite: Save the World? This game is not available on PlayStation Now or Xbox Game Pass. However, it is possible to play Save the World cross-platform between PC, Mac, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your friends together to play Save the World on a couple of different platforms, you can use Xbox’s online service to add them as friends and then invite them into your party. However, if you just want to play Fortnite Battle Royale with all of your buddies who have consoles from varying brands, PlayStation Now is definitely your best.

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play?

First, if you are wondering what cross platform is then it is a term that simply means the ability to play with people on different platforms. In this case, we’re talking about playing games across console and PC! A big topic of conversation lately has been whether or not Fortnite Battle Royale will be available for cross-platform gameplay.

It’s no secret that gamers want cross-play between all devices but Epic Games has yet to comment on these requests from fans – until now. Is Fortnite Cross Platform? Yes! Beginning September 26th of 2018, players can log into their accounts on pretty much any device they own including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android mobile phones as well as Windows-powered desktops and laptops to play Fortnite with their friends!

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The same goes for Save the World as well. Is Fortnite Cross Platform Xbox and PSN? Unfortunately, at this time PlayStation does not allow cross-platform gameplay on titles such as Minecraft or Rocket League. This is a little bit disappointing to gamers that prefer playing games like these across platforms but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t working toward something in the future, also have a look is battlefield 5 cross platform or not.

While many have been calling out Sony for being stingy about keeping its players locked down from other consoles, there are good reasons why – safety & security is one of them.

Does Fornite Have Cross Progression?

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play? Yes, Fortnite does have cross progression. This means that your progress in the game is saved on whichever platform you play it on. Whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PlayStation®️ , or PC, your account will always be up-to-date and you’ll be able to continue progressing however you like.

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There is one exception to this: If you decide to purchase the Save The World mode of Fortnite (which is currently in paid Early Access), your progress will only be saved within that version of the game. You won’t be able to carry over any items or rewards you earn into the free Battle Royale mode. However, both modes are available on all platforms.

How to Merge Fortnite Accounts?

How to merge Fortnite accounts on Xbox and Playstation

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  • If you have played Fortnite on two different platforms, say Xbox and Playstation, you will want to merge your accounts in order to keep your progress.
  • To do this, go to the Accounts section of the Settings menu on either platform.
  • Click on Merge Accounts and follow the instructions. You will need to provide the email addresses associated with both accounts as well as the password for one of them.
  • After that’s done, your account will be merged and all your progress will be combined. Note that any purchases made on one platform won’t carry over to the other, so you may want to make sure you have enough V-bucks saved up on each platform.
  • If you don’t have an account on the other platform, simply make one and link it to your current Fortnite experience.
  • Note that if you want to play on more than two platforms for whatever reason (e.g., Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), this method won’t work as Epic Games doesn’t allow multiple accounts on a single game across different consoles simultaneously.

How to Merge Fortnite Accounts on PC?

There is currently no way of merging Fortnite accounts between console or mobile versions, but there are some unofficial solutions available that may help you with keeping everything together even though they aren’t officially supported by Epic Games or Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony: a user named Breetai has made a tool called Fortnite Account Merger which is available on his website.

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Another option is to use the Epic Games Launcher, which allows you to merge your account with another one that’s using the same email address. This can be done through the launcher by clicking on Settings and then selecting Accounts. Click on Merge Accounts and follow the instructions, mean while you can also know about is genshin impact cross platform or not.

How to Transfer Items Between Fortnite Accounts?

If you want to move items from one account to another, there are a few ways of doing so:

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  • The first way is to log into the account that contains the items you want to transfer and go into any game mode. Once you’re in, pause the game and select the item you want to move.
  • Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select Move. Select the account you want to move it to, enter your password if prompted, and then click on Move Items. The items will now be transferred over.
  • Another way is to use a third-party website like which allows you to input your account information and then transfer any selected items over for a fee.
  • Finally, there’s always the option of contacting Epic Games Support directly and asking them to help transfer specific items from one account to another. Be aware that they may not be able to do this depending on what type of account it is.


Finally, we hope you have enjoyed this article Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play /on whether or not Fortnite is cross platform. As of now, it is uncertain if the game will be available to play with others on different platforms. However, Epic Games has stated that they are working hard to make this happen. So fingers crossed! In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates shared at and we’ll very soon update you.

Is Fortnite Cross Platform or Cross Play?

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