Is Ark Cross Platform Xbox and PS4/ PC/Steam/Epic/Any?

Is Ark Cross Platform

Is Ark Cross Platform? Did you ever try to learn about it? Probably today many players showing a great interest in cross platform like to play features supported by various platforms. But unfortunately, this feature is highly accessible only on PCs and Xbox players. Today let’s discuss the most wonderful game ARK: Survival Evolved. This is a simple and amazing game where you locate some clothes on the back along with the flashlight.

Once after placing you in the ARK world, your ultimate target is survival. We can say this game is the most challenging one. The main part of this respective game is the dinosaur. You are suggested to hunt, tame, ride or kill the dinosaurs throughout the game. Apart from this, you were asked to find out the food and water which is very much essential to surviving. Also, there is an opportunity to eat the animal’s corpses that were killed by you.

Is Ark Cross Platform

Hence if you like to describe this game in simple words, here it is. The game with lots of creatures and at the same time filled with tons of resources. Also, one more point to be noted is the players are asked to win weapons, tools that ultimately help you to survive in the game successfully. Let’s now take a step forward and read about it in detail.

Is ARK Cross Platform?

Before learning its details, the very first what exactly does the Cross-platform mean? Playing a game with known or unknown members on a distinct gaming platform. For instance, if you playing the game on a PC, other people can play the game with you through Xbox/ PlayStation3/ PlayStation4. Thus this process is considered a Cross Platform.

Unfortunately, we see this feature only in the consoles like PC and in Xbox. Hence if you’re playing a game on PC, you cannot access the games available on either Epic or Steam consoles. Now I guess you might get some idea about it. Let’s go through the same deeper.

Is ARK Cross Platform Xbox and PS4

Between the Xbox console and PS4, you cannot accessible this wonderful feature so-called Cross Platform. In simple words, the players who are playing ARK and enjoying the game available on Xbox have no chance to play with other players who are accessing ARK on PlayStation4 (PS4). It does not support the feature at all. Hence developers are working over it. Let’s hope this feature will work out in further aspects.

is ark survival evolved cross platform

Can I Play ARK on PC with Xbox Player

The answer to this aspect is yes. Players have a wonderful opportunity to access the Cross-Platform feature. For instance, a player who is accessing ARK on Xbox can play against the person who is playing ARK on PC.

Because the main reason behind it is the Microsoft which has been owned the Xbox and Windows uses the same server rather than using a different one. As a result, help the players to interact with each other allowing them to play and enjoy the game higher.

Instead of PC, if you try to perform cross platform features with Epic or Steam, or PS4, let me tell you the feature is not supported, it is same like the terraria and know whether is terraria cross platform. Because they use different servers. So, therefore, players fail to interact with each other. This proves that players who are accessing ARK on Xbox can easily interact with the player who is accessing ARK on PC.

Is ARK survival cross platform on Xbox and Smartphone

Well, while questions might encounter in every person’s mind. Right? This is the common query that has arisen among many people. Sorry to say this because the cross platform feature cannot be accessible between the Smartphone and Xbox. To get more clear about this point, let me tell you. The player who is accessing ARK on Xbox cannot interact with the player who is accessing it on Smartphone. AS the servers used by them were different this feature is not supportable.

is ark survival cross platform

Is ARK Cross Platform on Epic and Xbox?

While Epic and console/ device called Xbox also use a different server. Hence the player who is accessing ARK: survival game on Epic cannot interact with the player who is playing ARK: survival game over device Xbox. Never supports the cross-platform feature.

Is Ark Survival evolved Cross Platform on Nintendo Switch?

Just similar to PS4, The ARK Cross Platform feature does not support the console/ device say Nintendo Switch. If you like to play with your friends, you and your friend are requested to play the ARK on the same platform. Other than this, it does not support the cross-platform feature. The developers are still working on this. Let’s hope for the best.

Is ARK Survival Evolved Cross Platform between Android and iOS

Well, the good news is both Android and iOS platforms support this feature. No matter you are using iPhone or Android mobile, this feature is accessible.

is ark cross platform xbox and ps4

IS ARK Cross Platform PC and PS4?

If a person is playing ARK on PC like to access with the player who is playing ARK on PS4, sorry to say this, is not possible. Because the developers were not yet released the ARK Cros Platform version for the console called PlayStation4.

Is ARK Cross Platform EPic and Steam?

Ys, of course!! If the players purchase the game either from Epic or Steam, this feature Cross-platform is accessible. But the main point you need to look after is the players on another side also are asked to purchase the game from the same store. For instance, if you purchase the game via Steam store, and the other player on the other side purchase the game via Epic store, the ARK Cross Platform feature is accessible.


ARK, considered as one of the best games played by the people billion in number. To bring more interest between the players, they had introduced this cross-platform game feature. But unfortunately as discussed, this feature is compatible enough with only two devices Xbox Console and PC (which is comprised of Windows app store). Because they use homogeneous servers, performing cross platform is possible. To get more updates or relevant data regarding query IS ARK Cross platform, visit Techygun and get updated.

Is Ark Cross Platform Xbox and PS4/ PC/Steam/Epic/Any?

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