What is IDP.Generic | IDP.Generic Virus Warning [RESOLVED]


Did you get a threat named “IDP.Generic” on Avast or any other antivirus software? If your Avast antivirus application is showing blocked threats on your device and the threat name shows “IDP.Generic”, then this post is for you. Know what exactly is this IDP.Generic warning that you are getting on your device.

Antivirus applications are meant to identify threats, block them, and notify the user. IDP.Generic is an Identity Protection warning that triggers when the antivirus application finds any malicious file on your computer. The most common files that often fall under this category are game files, apk files, and other malware.


But, don’t worry if you see the Avast IDP.Generic warning on your device. If it is harmful, you can get rid of the threat or virus from your device. But, what if your Avast antivirus is showing false positives? Well, Avast is well-known for giving false positive warnings. Know what is IDP.Generic and how to deal with this IDP.Generic threat in this post.

What Is IDP.Generic Avast?

IDP in your Antivirus application refers to Identity Protection. Whenever the Identity detection & protection component of your Avast detects a file that acts like malware, this flag will be triggered. If you are getting the IDP.Generic threat on your device, then it means the IDP section of your antivirus has flagged the file as malware. Any single game file, apk file, or any other files that you have downloaded on your device may be flagged. Most times, we don’t give proper attention and click different links and ads that end up installing malware on our devices.

what is idp.generic

Most antivirus software applications have the IDP component. If you are using Avast, then it means you have kept your device in safe hands. Avast ensures protection, safety, and keeps your device safe from any minor threat and viruses. The IDP component of Avast software is also very much useful for detecting threats. Almost all the users who got the IDP.Generic threat has seen the warning on Avast. Similarly, the IDP Generic threat is also given by the AVG antivirus app as well. If you ever see this threat blocked message on your antivirus, don’t freak out.

How To Know If IDP.Generic Threat Is Real?

If you see any virus threat or malware threat on your antivirus application, say Avast, you should not ignore it. Though it is true that many antivirus applications show false positives, but still, you can’t risk your device’s health. To be frank, more than half of the time, your Avast antivirus software blocks files and apps out of the blue. Just because of a minor doubt, Avast can block a website or show it as a threat. Therefore, you must make sure whether the threat is real or not.

idp.generic avast

Even many Avast users got the IDP.Generic warning on their device files came to know that it was just a false positive by Avast. So, you must check if the file is really infected, malicious, or a trojan. Without just trusting one antivirus, run a complete scan for the said infected file on various antivirus platforms. You can either install an antivirus app or just run a scan online. You can paste the URL of the file and check if it is really a threat or not.

If the file is really a threat, then just get rid of it from your device or block it. However, if you come to know that the file is completely safe, then Avast just gave a false positive.

What To Do When Avast Shows False Positive IDP.Generic

If your file or website is flagged as a threat on Avast, but it is completely safe, then you can just add the file to exceptions on Avast. Adding a file to an exception will stop it from being blocked on your device. You should add a file to exception only when you are sure that it’s not malicious. Therefore, first, run a scan for your file and then add it to exceptions on Avast.

To add an exception to Avast, follow the steps given below.

  • Open Avast, and click on the “Protection” tab on the left pane of the window.

what is idp.generic avast

  • Now, open the “Virus Chest” section to view all the blocked files.
  • Here, you can find the IDP.Generic Avast threat.

avast idp.generic

  • Select the IDP.Generic threat, and click on “Restore and add exception”.

how to add exceptions to avast

  • Then, click the “Close” button to exit.

Why Do You Get False Positive IDP.Generic

It is common to receive false positives on antivirus software apps like Avast. Avast-like antivirus apps are too sensitive to use and make sure your device is safe from any malicious files. If Avast’s IDP protection detects any minor issue in your device activity, it will block the file immediately and adds it to the block list. However, if you are getting so many false positives from Avast, then your software needs to be fixed.

how to update avast

Most probably, an outdated software of the app is the reason for getting regular false positives. If you see your Avast is showing false IDP.Generic threats or any other threats, then you should update your Avast software. Update the latest installments of Avast to get rid of any false positives in the future.


That was all about the IDP.Generic warning given by Avast antivirus software. We hope you got a clear understanding of what is IDP.Generic and how to deal with the warning. To get to a conclusion, run a scan for the blocked threat and make sure about its safety. If it is a threat, delete it from your device, and if it is not, just add the file to exceptions on Avast. For more useful guides, keep visiting TechyGun. Thank you.

What is IDP.Generic | IDP.Generic Virus Warning [RESOLVED]

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