How to watch the Preakness Stakes live (2022)

The Preakness Stakes is on NBC, which means you can tune in for free if you have an antenna and a local NBC station. Other options, both free and paid, are available for cord cutters and anyone else who just prefers to stream the race over the Internet.

race details

Date: May 15, 2022

Hour: 5PM ET

Departure time: 6:20 PM ET (approximately)

Place: Pimlico Race Course

Stream: NBC, NBC Sports, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV

How to stream the Preakness Stakes from NBC

The Preakness Stakes are broadcast over the air by your local NBC station, so you can tune in for free if you have a TV, an antenna, and an NBC affiliate near you. If you haven’t cut the cord and have a valid cable TV subscription, or can borrow it, you can also stream the entire event via the NBC Sports website.

In addition to the NBC Sports website, you can also download an NBC Sports app for your phone, streaming device, or even game console.

The NBC Sports site offers a free trial, but it only lasts a few minutes. You can watch those few minutes if you want, or remove the restriction with valid login information for a cable or satellite provider. Since your free trial may run out during the race if you don’t log in, this is not a good method for cord-cutters. For a longer test, check out services like Hulu or fuboTV.

  1. Navigate to the streaming site of the NBC’s Preakness Stakes. The player will load and the coverage of the Preakness Stakes will be available when the event is broadcast live.

    NBC Sports only allows you to watch a short preview live by default. Users with valid cable or satellite subscriptions can remove this time limit.

  2. If your limited preview expires, and you have or can borrow a wired connection, scroll down and click CHECK NOW.
  3. Select your cable or satellite provider.
  4. access your bill cable or satellite.
  5. If you provide a information access valid, the time limit will be removed and you will be able to watch the entire event.

What streaming services include the Preakness?

The best way for non-cable users to watch the Preakness Stakes is through an Internet streaming service. These services are like cable and provide access to the exact same live content that you get from cable, but they work through your high-speed Internet connection.

Watch the Preakness Stakes on NBC Sports
Watch the Preakness Stakes on NBC Sports

Each service of streaming sign agreements with TV networks and broadcasters, which is how they get the rights to broadcast live TV. It all depends on where you live and whether or not the service has an agreement with your local NBC affiliate.


Hulu with Live TV provides the widest access to NBC. If it’s not available in your area, try another.


YouTube TV offers NBC in most major markets.


AT&T TV Now also has decent coverage from NBC.

sling tv

Sling TV carries NBC only in a few major markets, but it’s a very affordable option if your area is covered.


fuboTV is a service of streaming focused on sports that has limited coverage from NBC, but still worth checking out in case your area is included.

Preakness broadcast on mobile, streaming device and consoles

In addition to streaming through a web browser on your computer, you can also stream the Preakness Stakes on your phone, tablet, streaming device, and even game console if you have the right app.

NBC Sports has apps for most devices, but you still need a valid cable or satellite subscription to connect. If you have decided to use one of the services from the previous section, all of them also have applications.

Here are the apps you’ll need to stream the Preakness Stakes on NBC Sports:

  • Android: NBC Sports
  • iOS: NBC Sports
  • Amazon Devices: NBC Sports
  • Rock: NBC Sports
  • PS4: NBC Sports
  • Xbox One: NBC Sports

How to stream the Preakness audio for free

NBC Sports radio covers the preakness stakes, as well as the television networks NBC and NBC Sports. Most local stations also have the option to listen online.

If you don’t have a local NBC Sports radio station, you can use a radio streaming site to listen to a station from another geographic area.

The other option is to tune in via Horse Racing Radio Network. This site streams many of the biggest races, including the entire Triple Crown.

Here’s how to stream the Preakness Stakes for free on Horse Racing Radio Network:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the Play button.

    The live radio page on this site includes a player Flash and lots of banner ads. If you’re having trouble finding the player, search for the logo black and yellow HRRN with a button play in the middle.

  3. The race audio should play when you click the play button. If it doesn’t, or you don’t see the play button, check to see if your Flash player is up to date.

Is there any other way to stream live horse racing for free?

The other way to watch the Preakness Stakes live stream is through a sports betting site. These sites do not give you access to the official broadcast of NBC Sport, so you won’t be able to see any of the festivities or other events leading up to the races. Instead, they usually offer a live stream of the track.

This is not a good option if you want to sit back and watch full coverage of the NBC Preakness Stakes, but it is an option if you only want to see the results of the live race.

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