How to Watch Samsung Unpacked Online (2021)

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Samsung had three events in 2021. The first was on January 14, with official announcements from the telephone smart galaxy s21 and Galaxy Buds Pro . The second event, on March 17, focused on Galaxy A smartphones. On April 28, the company announced the Galaxy Book Odyssey and other gaming-focused laptops.

How to stream Samsung Unpacked online

Samsung Unpacked will be streamed from Samsung’s online newsroom, where you can also get updates about the event. It will also be available on the Samsung’s YouTube and on Facebook and Twitter. The event is free, and you don’t need a subscription to watch it. Look for the hashtag #samsungunpacked To find it broadcast on social networks.

You can stream Samsung Unpacked on your computer, smartphone, tablet and smart TV using a browser or the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube apps.

View Samsung Unpacked
View Samsung Unpacked

Samsung Unpacked is usually held at the beginning of the year (coinciding with the Mobile World Congress when it is a face-to-face event) and almost always presents a new Galaxy smartphone (and sometimes a Galaxy Note device). In recent years, Samsung has introduced phones smart foldable and is still perfecting its design.

What if the official broadcast is not available?

If you can’t stream the event from a web browser or social media, you can try finding an unofficial stream from a source like Ace Stream. These streams are less reliable and often of poor quality, but you can watch events like Samsung Unpacked directly from other viewers. To use this method, search the web for Samsung Unpacked content IDs, or unofficial Samsung Unpacked live streams on the day of the event.

Stick to trusted sources for your content IDs Ace Stream and unofficial live broadcasts where possible. Use this type of services at your own responsibility.

How to Watch Samsung Unpacked Online (2021)

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