How to watch NASCAR live stream (2021)

Here’s how to watch any NASCAR stream you want on your computer, phone, or even your TV if you have the right equipment.

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The 2021 season begins on February 9. Check out the full NASCAR schedule for upcoming races.

Where is the best place to watch NASCAR?

The transmission rights of the NASCAR they are jointly owned by Fox and NBC in the United States, and the races are broadcast on Fox, NBC and various cable channels. You can watch a lot for free if you have a TV antenna and local TV stations. Fox and NBC. You will need a subscription to a cable, satellite, or streaming service. streaming TV if you want access to everything.

Here are some of NASCAR’s most popular series and where to stream them. Note that :

  • NASCAR Cup Series: It starts on Fox with the first 16 races and ends on NBC with the final 20; all are available for live streaming. Some individual races are broadcast and broadcast through FS1.
  • NASCAR Xfinity Series: The first 14 races air on FS1, with the last 19 airing on a mix of NBC and NBCSN. All races are available for live streaming.
  • NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoor Truck Series: Exclusive broadcast rights belong to Fox.
  • NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and West: Broadcast exclusively and streaming through NBCSN.
  • NASCAR Wheelen Modified Tour: Broadcast exclusively and streaming through NBCSN.
  • NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series: Exclusive broadcast and streaming through NBCSN.

NASCAR Live Broadcast on Fox and FS1

Fox offers live feeds of your local Fox station, FS1, and other Fox-owned channels through its website, but you can only use this method if you have an active cable or satellite subscription. If you have a subscription, or can borrow a friend or family member’s login credentials, this is an easy way to stream much of the NASCAR season live.

Here’s how to stream NASCAR on

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose TV Provider Sign In in the upper right corner.
  3. Select your television provider.

    If you don’t see your provider, select See All Providers. Some providers don’t work with Fox, but most do.

  4. If prompted, enter your credentials cable or satellite TV access, and then select Continue.
  5. Select Live TV and programming.
  6. Select the race NASCAR you want to stream.

    NASCAR races appear in the row of the local channel of Fox or in the row of FS1.

NASCAR live broadcast on NBC and NBCSN

NBC co-owns the broadcast rights to NASCAR along with Fox, so there are plenty of races on your local NBC and NBCSN station. NBC provides access to many of its cable channels through its website, as does Fox, but that doesn’t include NBCSN. That means the methods for watching live NASCAR broadcasts on NBC and NBCSN are slightly different.

Here’s how to watch live NASCAR broadcasts on NBC:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose Live.
  3. Select your supplier and then provide the login details if required.
  4. Select the NASCAR race to view a live broadcast.

    If you don’t see a NASCAR race, come back to this page when there’s a NASCAR race. NASCAR live.

How to watch NASCAR live on NBCSN

NBCSport Network also has live broadcasts of current NASCAR races. You can stream directly from the website using these instructions.

  1. Navigate to, locate a NASCAR event and select it.
  2. If your cable or satellite provider does not automatically authenticate, select CONTINUE.
  3. Select your television provider and enter your access data if requested.
  4. If the NASCAR event is live, it will play automatically. Otherwise, come back when it’s live and select the Play button to stream it.

Broadcast television services including NASCAR

If you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, you can stream every NASCAR series through a streaming service that includes Fox, NBC, FS1 and NBCSN.

These services work much like cable or satellite TV in that they allow you to watch live TV, but you stream the live channels over a high-speed Internet connection. You can use these services with your computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or on your TV with a Roku or other streaming device.

The key is to find a service that carries your local Fox and NBC stations, in addition to the national channels FS1 and NBCSN.

Here are the best options for streaming NASCAR:

  • Hulu with Live TV: This service provides the widest access to NBC, most areas also have Fox. It also includes both NBCSN and FS1. If NBC or Fox are not available in your area, try a different service.
  • YouTubeTV: NBC is available in most major markets, and in many smaller markets, through this service. Fox is also widely available, as is NBCSN and FS1.
How to watch NASCAR live stream (2021)

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