How to watch live UFC fights with ESPN + (2021)

The UFC debuted in the service streaming ESPN+ with a massive event that included a confrontation between the flyweight champion Henry Cejudo and the bantamweight champion T. J. Dillashaw to challenge for the flyweight belt. UFC on ESPN+ has an avalanche of other fantastic events, and the only way to stream them is through the ESPN+ service.

Other bouts, including preliminaries, will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2 throughout the year. Stay tuned and don’t miss a second of the bloody action.

UFC on ESPN Fight Night Date and Time

The UFC has weekly events on Sundays all over the world. Check out the UFC event schedule to see what’s next.

How to live stream UFC fights on ESPN

All the events of the UFC on ESPN+ are broadcast on the ESPN+ service. You don’t need cable to subscribe to ESPN+, and having cable doesn’t give you access to ESPN+. That means you need to get an ESPN+ account if you want to stream UFC fights live on ESPN+.

The events of UFC on ESPN and UFC on ESPN 2 are broadcast on ESPN and ESPN 2, and these fights are available through different streaming methods depending on the specific event. Some are set up as PPV matches, but others are available through ESPN+ or regular service WatchESPN.

To stream through Watch ESPN, you need a cable subscription that includes ESPN.

UFC on ESPN can be found at these official sources:

  • ESPN+
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • The ESPN App

In addition to these official sources, you can also stream some UFC events through cable replacement streaming services that include the corresponding ESPN channel. For example, some UFC events and preliminaries in ESPN and UFC on ESPN 2 can be transmitted in Watch ESPN or in a servicee streaming like Hulu with Live TV or Sling TV.

How to watch fight night with an ESPN+ free trial

ESPN offers a free trial of the ESPN+ service, so it’s possible to stream UFC on ESPN+ for free. The trial only lasts a week, but if you’re just looking for a fight, you only need it for tonight.

The monthly subscription to ESPN+ is quite cheap, especially when compared to the cost of a normal UFC PPV event, so it’s worth keeping if you plan to watch more than one match.

You have to enter your billing information when you sign up. If you don’t cancel during the trial period, you will be charged for the plan you chose during the signup process.

How to live stream UFC fights on ESPN+

Some of the most exciting matches are on ESPN+, which is great news if you’re sick of paying massive fees for PPV events.

It’s a little more complicated than just watching the fight on ESPN, and having a cable subscription that includes ESPN or ESPN2 doesn’t get you access to ESPN+, but it’s much more affordable than PPV even with the extra ESPN+ subscription.

  1. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to
  2. Move your mouse over the silhouette icon in the top right corner of the page and select Login.
  3. Enter the address of email and your account password ESPN+, and select Log in.

    you have to use your information ESPN+ login here. If you don’t have an ESPN+ subscription, you’ll need to sign up for one. Have a subscription cable with ESPN does not give you access to ESPN+ broadcasts.

  4. Select the UFC fight broadcast.

    If the fight is currently happening, or about to happen, it should be front and center. If you don’t see it, you can look for it further down the page, or use the search to search for UFC.

How to live stream UFC on ESPN and UFC on ESPN2 fights via WatchESPN

Some UFC bouts, including preliminaries, are broadcast on ESPN or ESPN2 and broadcast through WatchESPN. Having an ESPN+ subscription does not give you access to broadcasts of ESPN and ESPN2 on WatchESPN.

ESPN and ESPN2 do air and rebroadcast some UFC events that aren’t on ESPN+, but that doesn’t mean they’re all free. Some UFC broadcasts on WatchESPN require you to make an additional pay-per-view (PPV) purchase.

This is how the UFC fights are broadcast on ESPN2:

  1. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to

    If the fight is not already underway, select the main live stream option as above. You’ll be able to set everything up for streaming, so you’ll be ready when the event starts.

  2. Select your cable provider.
  3. Enter your cable provider’s login information and select Sign In.
  4. Look in the upper right corner of the WatchESPN website. If you see your cable provider, you’re ready to stream ESPN and ESPN2.
  5. Go back to the website of Watch ESPN when the fight you want to broadcast is live.

Live stream UFC on ESPN on your phone, tablet or streaming device

If you want to watch UFC events on your mobile device, set-top box, or game console, these are the apps you’ll need:

  • Android: ESPN
  • iOS: ESPN
  • Amazon Devices: ESPN
  • Rock: ESPN
  • Xbox One: ESPN

Are there any online streaming services that include UFC on ESPN?

If you’re a cord cutter without a TV subscription, you can watch some UFC on ESPN events through a streaming service that replaces cable. These services are similar to cable packages in that they bundle a large number of live television streams, including both local and cable channels. They all offer free trials.

Here are the best streaming services to watch UFC events:

Watch live the fights of the UFC with ESPN + (2021)
Watch live the fights of the UFC with ESPN + (2021)
  • SlingTV: The Sling Orange plan and the Sling Orange + Blue plans include ESPN and ESPN2. The Sling Blue plan does not have any ESPN channels.
  • AT&T TV Now : Includes ESPN and ESPN2.
  • Hulu with Live TV: Includes both ESPN and ESPN2.
  • YouTubeTV: Includes both ESPN and ESPN2.

Streaming services do not give you access to the UFC fights that are broadcast on ESPN+. The only way to stream UFC on ESPN+ is with an ESPN+ subscription.

Free Online Sports Websites to Stream UFC Events

If you’ve tried all the other options but still can’t find anything, you might want to take a look at some websites that add links to unofficial UFC streams. They are often full of intrusive ads and the video quality can be quite low, but it is still an option worth considering if nothing else works.

Here are some sites that often include UFC streams:

  • Stream2Watch
  • FromHot
  • bosscast
  • crickfree

For more information on these websites, check out our complete guide to streaming sports for free online.

Websites that include unofficial sports broadcasts, or that provide links to these broadcasts, are supported by advertising. These ads tend to be invasive and often misleading, so avoid clicking on anything. You should also install a good ad blocker before visiting any of these websites. Even then, be aware that the ads may be cleverly disguised as system messages indicating that you need to update your browser, Flash, or other components. Clicking on these ads may open your computer to malware.

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