How to use Netflix Party

what you need to know

  • Install the Chrome extension, sign in to Netflix, choose a profile, then click Netflix Party > Only I have control > Start the party.
  • Share the URL that is generated and use the chat box to bring everyone together.

This article explains how to use the extension for the Chrome web browser called Netflix Party for a virtual movie gathering with friends.

First things first: Install Netflix Party

Netflix Party helps you sync and watch movies from the streaming service on multiple computers simultaneously. Netflix Party is available for Chrome, Roku and Apple TV; and only on a computer, not on a mobile device.

You can install Netflix Party like any other Chrome extension. Here we explain how to get it and take your next movie night online.

Everyone you watch the movie with must also install the extension.

  1. Go to the extensions section of the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for Netflix Party using the search bar in the top left corner.
  3. Find the extension in the search results and click Add to Chrome.
  4. Click Add Extension in the confirmation window.
  5. Chrome will install the extension.

Now for the fun: How to use Netflix Party

netflix party
netflix party

Now that you have installed the extension, you can start using it. Here’s how to organize a viewing session with your friends and family, wherever they are.

  1. go to website of Netflix in Chrome.
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.
  4. if you have several profiles in your account, select the one you want to use.
  5. Select the film you want to watch and start playing it.
  6. Click on the red icon from netflix party in your toolbar.
  7. Click the box next to Only I Have Control to prevent your guests from using the playback controls during the party.

    If you don’t check this box, anyone in your party can play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward the movie.

  8. Click Start Party.
  9. A window with a URL will open. Share the address with your friends so they can join you.

    To join, your other party members will click the link and then select the Netflix Party icon in their own browser.

  10. Netflix Party also includes a chat function live so you and your friends can talk during the movie. Check the box next to Show chat to open the chat window on the right side of the screen.

    Having the chat open will not cut part of the video. The movie window will shrink when the chat is visible.

  11. To chat, write a message in the box and then press Enter or Return.
  12. The chat window also provides information sOpen playback, including timestamps and notifications when someone plays, pauses, or skips the movie.
  13. To end the Netflix Party session, click the Disconnect button.
How to use Netflix Party

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