How to stream Thursday night football

Thursday Night Football is on the NFL Network all season long. Most of the games will also be available on Fox, Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. Check out our guides Sunday Night Football and monday night football for details on those games.

Thursday Night Football Details

start of season : September 9, 2021

Hour game time: 8:20 PM EST

Channel: NFL Network, Fox

Stream: NFL Network, Fox, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch

How to watch official Thursday Night Football streams live

The landscape of Thursday Night Football broadcasts is extremely complicated. In addition to Fox and NFL Networksome matches will also be available on Amazon Prime and Twitch.

Here are the official streaming sources for Thursday Night Football:

  • NFL Network: Watch NFL Network
  • Fox: Watch Fox Sports Go
  • Amazon Prime: See Thursday Night Football on Amazon
  • Twitter: Watch Prime Video on Twitch

In addition to these official sources, you’ll also be able to stream Thursday Night Football through any service that includes the NFL Network or your local Fox station.

How to live stream Thursday Night Football on NFL Network

The easiest way to see all the games ofe Thursday Night Football is on NFL Network, as it is the only network that actually broadcasts all the games. If you have access to it through your TV provider or a qualified streaming service like fuboTV, then you can watch it on your computer, phone, tablet or streaming device.

Here’s how to stream Thursday Night Football online with NFL Network:

  1. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to
  2. click on watch live now
  3. You choose television provider. If you don’t see it, type your provider in the search field, and tap Get in.
  4. Enter your username and password for your television provider if prompted, and click Continue. You may not need to enter your username and password if your TV provider and internet provider are the same.
  5. click on Watch now, or wait for the timer to finish counting down.
  6. Go back to the day of the game to see Thursday Night Football.

Stream NFL Network Thursday Night Football games to your phone

If you have NFL Network, you can also watch Thursday Night Football on your phone, tablet, or streaming device with the appropriate NFL Network app:

  • Apple devices: NFL Network app on the App Store
  • Android devices: The NFL Network app on the Google Play Store
  • Amazon FireTV: NFL App on the Amazon App Store
  • Roku: NFL Channel on Roku
  • PS4: NFL on PlayStation Store
  • Xbox One: NFL app on Microsoft Store

Streaming of Thursday Night Football games through official NFL apps requires a valid subscription to a television package that includes NFL Network. Most cable and satellite providers, and some streaming services, are compatible, but check with your provider to be sure.

Thursday Night Football live stream on Fox

Fox has the television rights to broadcast most Thursday Night Football games. Fox also has some digital distribution rights for the games it airs, so subscribers to qualifying television services are able to stream some Thursday Night Football games through Fox.

Here is how to transmit Thursday Night Football games on your computer via Fox:

  1. Using your browser favorite website, navigate to
  2. Click on Watch and select Live TV.
  3. Click on Start TV session.
  4. Select your supplier providers, or click More TV Providers if you don’t see yours listed.
  5. Enter your TV provider username and password if prompted. If your Internet and TV providers are the same, the process can be automatic.
  6. Check that your TV provider’s name or logo is now present on the site
  7. Come back on game day to broadcast Thursday Night Football.

Stream Fox Thursday Night Football games live on your phone

Fox also has the rights to broadcast select Thursday Night Football games to mobile users through the Fox Sports Go app. If you have a qualifying TV subscription, here’s where you can get the right app for your device:

  • Android phone: Fox Sports Go app on the Google Play Store
  • iPhones: The Fox Sports Go app on the App Store

Live stream Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime and Twitch

Amazon has secured the streaming rights to most Thursday Night Football games, so Prime subscribers have easy access to these games through Prime Video.

How to stream Thursday Night Football
How to stream Thursday Night Football

In addition to streaming Thursday Night Football to Prime subscribers through Prime Video, Amazon will also make the games available through its official Twitch channel.

To watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon:

  1. subscribe to Amazon Prime, if you haven’t already.
  2. sail to Amazon Prime Video on game day.
  3. Writes Thursday Night Football in the search field, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Amazon won’t have a Thursday Night Football listing until the season is underway.

  4. Make click on the button reproduction to start the game.
    Additional details about streaming Thursday Night Football on Twitch are released throughout the season. Check with Twitch directly for updates.

Live stream Thursday Night Football on your phone, tablet, or streaming device with Amazon Prime or Twitch

If you want to watch Thursday Night Football via Amazon or Twitch on a mobile device or TV streaming device, here are the apps you’ll need:

  • Android devices: Prime Video / Twitch
  • iOS devices: Prime Video / Twitch
  • Amazon Devices: Prime Video / Twitch
  • Rock: Prime Video / Twitch (unofficial)
  • PS4: Prime Video / Twitch
  • Xbox One: Prime Video / Twitch

Do any online streaming services include Thursday Night Football?

If you’re a cord cutter without a TV subscription, and don’t want to watch it on Amazon Prime Video or Twitch, you might be able to stream Thursday Night Football via a streaming service.

TV streaming services are basically cable substitutes for cord cutters, and most of them include Fox. The problem is that if the Fox affiliate in your area doesn’t have a deal with any online streaming services, or there isn’t a local Fox affiliate, these services can’t provide you with a live Fox stream.

Some services of streaming they also offer plans that include NFL Network, which is the best option if you live in an area where Fox is not available.

Choosing a streaming plan with NFL Network will allow you to watch every game, not just the ones on Fox, and you can even use your streaming service login credentials to sign in to the NFL website or mobile app. NFL Network if you want.

These are the best streaming services to watch Thursday Night Football:

  • fuboTV: NFL Network and Fox are included in the basic subscription plan.
  • SlingTV: The Sling Blue plan includes both Fox and the NFL Network. However, you will have to subscribe to the Orange + Blue plan if you also want to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN.
  • DirecTV Now: You can get Fox through this service, but not the NFL Network.
  • YouTubeTV: You can get Fox if you live in an eligible area, but not the NFL Network.
  • Hulu with Live TV: Both plans include Fox, but not the NFL Network.

Free Online Sports Sites to Stream Thursday Night Football

If you’ve tried all other options, and still can’t find anything, you may want to check out some sites that add links to unofficial Thursday Night Football streams. These sites are often full of intrusive ads and the video quality can be quite low, but it’s still an option worth considering if nothing else works.

Here are some sites that typically include Thursday Night Football streams:

  • Stream2Watch
  • FromHot
  • bosscast
  • crickfree

To learn more about these sites, check out our complete guide to streaming free sports online.

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