How to set up Disney Plus parental controls

Disney Plus is a streaming service for families that brings together much of the huge Disney library along with content from Pixar, Marvel and a few others. It’s a great service for families, and you can even use Disney Plus parental controls to create profiles for your kids that they can use to watch shows and movies that are appropriate for them.

How do Disney Plus parental controls work?

Disney Plus’s parental controls are easy to access, but they’re not as robust as those offered by other streaming services. Each user of the app can have their own app profile and can toggle any profile to have access only to kid-appropriate content.

How to Set Disney Plus Parental Controls on an Existing Profile

Disney Plus Parental Controls
Disney Plus Parental Controls

If you already have a profile that you have designated for one of your children, or for all of your children to share, changing it to a child profile is quite easy. By doing so, you will limit the type of content that can be viewed through that profile.

  1. Launch the Disney Plus app and launch session if necessary.
  2. Tap the little profile icon on the Lower corner right of the screen.
  3. I touched Edit profiles.
  4. Touch the your child’s profile.
  5. Tap the switch to the right of the Child Profile heading.
  6. I touched Keep.
  7. This profile is now set to child profile.

How to create a child profile on Disney Plus

If you don’t already have a profile set up for your child, you can also create a child profile from scratch. You can create one for each of the children who will be using your Disney Plus account, or a single child account for them to share.

  1. Start the app Disney Plus and sign in if required.
  2. Tap the little profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Press Edit profiles.
  4. Press Add profile.
  5. Choose an icon for the new profile.
  6. Enter a Name for profile.
  7. Press the switch to the right of the header Child profile.
  8. Press Keep.
  9. Your children will now be able to use this profile to view child-appropriate content.

Problems with Disney Plus parental controls

The two potential problems with the parental controls provided by Disney Plus are that you don’t have any fine-grained control over what content your kids have access to, and there’s no system to prevent your kids from simply switching to an adult profile.

Some streaming services allow you to set specific restrictions or provide a number of options for different age ranges. For example, YouTube Kids includes options for preschoolers, school-age children, and middle-school-age children. Disney Plus only offers the ability to switch between a normal profile and a child profile.l. Child profiles are limited to G-rated movies and rated TV TV-Y, TV-Y7/Y7-FV and TV-G.

Also, some streaming services allow you to set a personal identification number (PIN). If your child tries to switch to an adult profile on one of these services, she’ll realize that she can’t do it without knowing the PIN. Disney Plus does not have any such system. Instead, you have to rely on an honor system and trust that your kids won’t switch to an adult profile.

Is Disney Plus safe for children?

Although the parental controls are pretty basic, Disney Plus is unique in that it’s designed to be family-friendly in terms of content available on the service. There is no R rated contentand the content in the service has a maximum of PG-13 and TV14. That makes the service fairly safe for teens, but a younger child may end up finding content that’s too scary, or that you might find inappropriate, if they manually switch profiles when you’re not looking.

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