How to search Prime Video

With the sheer volume of media to consume on Amazon Prime Video, including the growing library of TV shows and Amazon Prime exclusive movies, find exactly what you are looking for can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, the tool amazon prime search can make the process much easier. Here’s everything you need to know about searching on Amazon Prime Video.

How to use Amazon Prime search on TV

Most consoles video games, such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, they have official Amazon Prime Video apps that can be used to stream movies and TV shows. Many smart TVs also have a dedicated Amazon Prime Video app that often comes preinstalled or it can be downloaded from a dedicated app store like GooglePlay.

Although most smart TVs have a dedicated search feature, it’s best not to use it when searching for TV shows and movies. Amazon PrimeTVsince the results will be mixed with the content of other applications of streaming and TV channels.

Amazon Prime Video apps for consoles and TVs smart they are nearly identical, and searching within them is done in exactly the same way.

  1. open the app Amazon Prime Video on your console or smart TV.
  2. Use the arrow buttons on your controller or remote to highlight and select Search from the top menu.
  3. Use the controls on your controller or remote to type a word or phrase in the search field.
  4. Results will appear automatically as you type. You do not need to press Enter to end your search on Amazon Prime.
  5. Tap the up arrow, then scroll left and right to find the show or movie you’re looking for.

    Press the up arrow again to select a variety of phrases links that will help you refine your search on Amazon Prime.

How to search Amazon Prime on mobile

In addition to TV apps, there are also Amazon Prime Video apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Searching through one of the mobile apps can often be faster than searching on a TV due to the ability to write and navigate for faster results. The Applications Mobile phones also offer the basic filtering of the results of Amazon Prime TV series and movies.

If your TV or game console is compatible with chromecast, you can search for content and have it play on your TV, all from the Amazon Prime Video mobile app.

Here’s how to search on Amazon Prime Video on mobile.

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Tap Search in the bottom menu.
  3. Touch the search field and enter a word or phrase.
  4. Touch any of the phrases of suggested search or touch the Search key on the keyboard to see the results of what you have typed.
  5. You can now browse the search results or, if you like, tap Filter to further refine your search.
  6. Tap Content Type.
  7. Tap Movies or TV Shows to apply a filter to your results. For example, if you choose Movies, only movies will be shown in your search.

How to Find Free Amazon Movies and TV Shows

Prime Video
Prime Video

Searching for free Amazon Prime movies and TV shows can be very confusing, especially since the service added paid rental and purchase options that are often mixed in with search results.

The easiest way to recognize a movie or free tv series is to look for the text Included with Prime next to a name. If it is next to a movie or series, it means that all of it can be viewed for free. If it’s next to a category, it means all titles in that category are free to watch.

You’ll still need an active Amazon Prime subscription to watch these free titles, as they’re free with your membership, not free for everyone to watch.

Using Amazon Advanced Search on the Web

Arguably the best way to search Amazon Prime Video is to do it directly on the Amazon website. Amazon’s website has dedicated categories that list new releases, upcoming content, Amazon Prime shows, and movies that can be seen on Amazon. 4K UHD, and everything you can watch for free on Included with Prime.

Once you’ve found something you’d like to see, all you have to do is hover your mouse cursor over the icon + and click Add to the watch list. This selection will sync with your Amazon Prime Video apps and can be found under the watchlist link in the app menu.

How to search Prime Video

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