How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

vizio tv won't turn on

Is your Vizio TV not turning on? A lot of Vizio TV users have been complaining “My Vizio TV won’t turn on no matter how many times I try to restart”. Some of the users get blinking power light but the TV doesn’t turn on, whereas some Vizio TVs just neither show any light nor they turn on.

Vizio TVs are one of the largest used Televisions in the market right now. They provide great service at affordable costs. But, when you try to relax and lighten up your mood by watching some entertainment on your TV, and that Vizio TV won’t turn on, the situation becomes annoying, isn’t it?

vizio tv won't turn on

Don’t freak out and worry about the repairer’s fees if your Vizio TV won’t turn on. You can fix a lot of Vizio TV problems by yourself at home. All you need is a little patience to work on it. Know how to fix your Vizio TV that won’t turn on this post.

How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

Vizio TV not turning on is mainly caused by power issues and doesn’t involve any technical problems most probably. Some troubleshooting methods for this issue will easily help you to resolve the issue and make your TV turn on normally.

Follow the solutions given below if your Vizio TV won’t turn on and the power light is also not showing up.

1. Check The Remote

First of all, make sure the remote you are using for your TV is not dead. It may be a trivial thing but concerns you the most when it comes to operating your TV. Just because of a bad remote, your Vizio TV won’t turn on and you may get worried that your TV needs to be repaired.

how to fix vizio tv won't turn on

  • Replace the old batteries of your remote with new ones.
  • If you were using new batteries, then check if they are tightly placed.
  • Still, Vizio TV won’t turn on? Go to the next solution.

2. Turn On Using Power Button

Your Vizio TV won’t turn on if there is an issue with your remote control. Therefore, try to turn on the TV by pressing the power button on your device. Doing so has helped the majority of Vizio TV users to fix their TVs.

my vizio tv won't turn on

  • Switch on the TV and press the Power button on it.
  • You can find the Power button at the bottom left or right.
  • If the TV turns on normally, your remote is faulty.
  • If Vizio TV won’t turn on still, try the next solution.

3. Inspect The TV Cables

Power issues are the most probable reason behind your TV not turn on. The cables connected to the TV must be in a good shape and health to provide good current passage. A damaged or old cable may cause your Vizio TV won’t turn on.

vizio tv blinking logo won't turn on

  • Keep the Vizio TV turned off and remove the plug from the source.
  • Now, thoroughly check the cables of the TV if they have any cuts or damages.
  • Also, check if the cable is tightly connected to your TV.
  • If you see there is a damaged cord, replace it with a new one.
  • Hopefully, the Vizio TV won’t turn on issue will be fixed.

4. Connect Another Device In The Outlet

A faulty switchboard can also cause power issues in your household wiring and leading to Vizio TV won’t turn on problem. Get a phone or battery light and plug its charger into the power source where you usually connect your Vizio TV. If the phone is not charging properly, then you need to repair the switchboard.

vizio tv problems

  • Check if the power source is working properly or not by plugging in a charger.
  • Also, connect your TV to another power outlet. If there are no switchboards nearby, use an extension.
  • If your Vizio TV won’t turn on still, try the next methods.

5. Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Power Cycling the device has shown positive results for a lot of Vizio users. Therefore, try this last method by yourself and successfully fix the Vizio TV won’t turn on issue.

power cycle vizio tv won't turn on

  • Turn on the Vizio TV and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now press the power button for a long time until the light appears.
  • Leave the button once you see the light.
  • Hopefully, the TV will turn on this time.

6. Vizio TV Blinking Logo Won’t Turn On

Notice carefully how the logo on your TV is appearing. A lot of users see that their Vizio TV starts, showing a blinking logo, but then doesn’t turn on. In such cases, try power cycling the device and check if it turns on. If it doesn’t turn on, you will need to contact a repairer to get your TV checked. This way your TV will be fixed.

7. Vizio TV Turns On But No Picture

If your Vizio is turning on properly and showing a proper indication light but there is no picture on the TV, then the mainboard of your device may have gone bad. In this case, you may have to replace the board. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you are very sure about it. It would be better if you contact a TV technician about it.

8. Contact Vizio Support

If none of the DIY fixes given here helped you to fix the Vizio TV won’t turn on problem, then the ultimate solution is to get help from Vizio itself. Contact your purchaser or Vizio customer support center by visiting, and tell them that your Vizio TV won’t turn on. If you have a warranty for the TV, then you can get it fixed for free or have to pay for it.


We have provided the best methods to fix your Vizio TV won’t turn on problem. If your Vizio won’t turn on by trying the power cycling and other troubleshooting methods given here, then please check with a TV repairer or contact Vizio. If you found this post useful for fixing Vizio TV won’t turn on issue, then share it with others to help them as well. For more such useful guides, visit the TechyGun website.

How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

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