How to fix error code NW-31294-9 on PS4?

How do you fix error code NW-31294-9 on PS4?


  • Perform an Internet connection test by going to Settings > Network > Internet Connection Test to confirm that you can connect to the Internet.
  • Please turn off your router/modem and wait 5 minutes before trying to reconnect. Update your router firmware.
  • If possible, try to connect to another network.
  • Why did my NAT type fail on PS4?

    The “PS4 NAT type failed” error, is usually triggered due to incorrect network settings, or the network firewall causing the problem. Changing the NAT type is one of the effective solutions to resolve this behavior.

    How can I fix a nat problem?

    In some scenarios, you might be able to resolve connectivity issues by updating the Network Address Translation (NAT) table. To update the NAT table on a router where UPNP is already enabled, you must disable UPNP, save your changes, and then power on your router.

    is better or moderate NAT?

    Open NAT – This means your game console has the ability to connect to anyone’s games, host games and other users will be able to find and connect to the game you are hosting. Moderate NAT – This means that your connectivity to other players is neither limited nor open.

    Is moderate NAT type bad?

    Moderate NAT – Although acceptable under most circumstances, it is by no means an ideal type of NAT. With a moderate NAT type, your connection to games may be slower, game play may increase, and in most circumstances, it will not host.

    What is the best type of NAT for gaming?

    Open NAT type

    How can I check my NAT type?

    To determine the NAT capability of the modem, follow these steps:

  • Access the Router Based Configuration page.
  • You will be asked for your login details.
  • Click on the Status tab.
  • Scroll down and find the Setting Type panel and check if you have a private or public IP address.
  • Can my internet provider change my NAT type?

    To be clear, you cannot change your NAT type. It is the result of your network configuration.

    How to fix error code NW-31294-9 on PS4?

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