How to fix Amazon error code 1060

Amazon error code 1060 occurs when there is a network connectivity problem, which means your device can’t reach Amazon servers. This is a fairly common issue that viewers experience with Amazon Prime Video, but it can be difficult to identify and fix due to the large number of factors involved.

This error code can be caused by a hardware or software problem with your device streaming, a problem of connectivity or bandwidth with your home network, a problem with your Internet connection, or even a problem with Amazon’s own servers.

How the Amazon error code 1060 appears

When Amazon error code 1060 occurs, you will typically see a message like this:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet and try again. If the connection works, but you still see this message, please restart the app or contact Amazon Customer Service. Code of error: 1060

Causes of Amazon Error Code 1060

Error code 1060 is not limited to a specific streaming device. It can occur when streaming from a web browser on your computer and most devices that have an Amazon Video app. You can experience this code with game consoles, streaming devices like Roku, Blu-Ray players, and even smart TVs.

Amazon error code 1060 usually indicates a problem with connectivity or low bandwidth.

This guide applies to all devices that can stream Amazon Prime Video.

How to fix Amazon error code 1060

Identifying and fixing the error code 1060 issue involves troubleshooting your streaming device’s internet connection. To attempt these fixes, you’ll need access to your streaming device and your home networking equipment, such as your modem and router.

To fix Amazon error code 1060:

  1. Click Retry on the error screen. Selecting retry will cause the player to try to reload the video. In some cases, that’s all you have to do. If the problem repeats, go back to this list and try the other troubleshooting steps.
  2. Reboot your streaming device. Some devices, like computers and Apple TV, have the option to turn off completely, while many streaming devices, like Roku or Chromecast, don’t even have a power button, and restarting them is the best option. If necessary, power cycle your streaming device by unplugging it from power for at least one minute before plugging it back in.
  3. Check that your device is connected to the internet. Try streaming from a service other than Amazon to make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  4. Check the speed of your internet connection. If possible, check the speed of your internet connection using the device that is providing the error code 1060. Most streaming devices provide some form of connection test, and some also check the speed of the connection. If that’s not possible, check your internet speed using a computer that’s connected to the same wired or wireless network as your streaming device.
  5. Make sure your network actually supports streaming. If you’re at home and have a high-speed Internet connection, this doesn’t apply, but if you’re connected to a shared Internet connection at school, work, a hotel, coffee shop, or any other similar location, that could be the problem.
  6. Switch to an Ethernet connection or improve your Wi-Fi signal. Although not always possible, a wired Ethernet connection often provides a better streaming experience than a wireless connection. Ethernet can provide a faster connection and is not subject to wireless interference.
    If you can’t use a wired connection, try moving your wireless router or streaming device to get a stronger connection. Remove as many obstacles as you can, and try to place both devices in a high place where there is less interference.
  7. Restart your home network equipment. Connectivity issues may be caused by problems with your home networking equipment, so please restart your networking equipment. You may have to turn off your computer, unplug it, leave it unplugged for a minute or so, and then plug everything back in starting with the modem to fix the problem.
  8. Check for Amazon service outages. If everything is correct in your case, there may be a problem with the Amazon servers. Check social media like Twitter to see if someone is talking about an outage. For example, try searching for the Twitter hashtag #primevideodown and selecting the Latest tab.
  9. Contact your Internet Service Provider and Amazon. If you still see Amazon code 1060 after checking everything, and you don’t see anyone talking about a Prime Video outage on Twitter, you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider or Amazon for further assistance.
    There may be an issue with your internet connection that is preventing you from reaching Amazon’s servers, or there may be a specific issue with your hardware and Prime Video that Amazon is not yet aware of.

    Do you have parental controls through your internet service provider or your router? If you do, make sure that Amazon Prime Video is not blocked through your parental controls.

Does your network support streaming?

Amazon Error 1060
Amazon Error 1060

If you’re at home and have your own high-speed Internet connection, then it probably supports streaming. The main exception is if you have a misconfigured router with quality of service (QoS) settings that limit the bandwidth available to your device streaming. You can fix that kind of problem by removing the restriction or resetting the router to default settings. factory default.

Shared public networks, like those you might connect to at school, work, or a coffee shop, sometimes disable streaming completely or just block specific sites. If you get the error code 1060 from Amazon when you connect to the Internet at work, school, or through a public network, you’ll need to contact your system administrator to ask if streaming disabled. If so, you won’t be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on that connection.

Is your device really connected to the Internet? If you’re not connected to the internet, or don’t have enough bandwidth, then you won’t be able to stream.

Amazon error code 1060 is a connectivity error, so it’s important to rule out a connectivity issue. But is connected to the internet or you don’t have enough bandwidthyou will not be able to transmit.

Most consoles video game, and some dedicated streaming devices provide you with a built-in tool that can test your Internet connection. It is usually found in the General Settings menu, the Network menu, or a Network Settings menu.

If your device has a specific connectivity test, you should run it and check the results. It will usually show if you are not connected to the Internet, or if the connection is too limited or restricted to allow streaming.

If the test shows that you are not connected, restarting the device and your network hardware may fix the problem. You may also need to move your device or router to improve your Wi-Fi connection, or switch to a Wi-Fi connection. Ethernet Wired if possible.

If your streaming device does not provide a built-in connectivity test, you can test your connection by opening any other application that requires an Internet connection. The app will connect, indicating that you have a connection, or it will not connect, indicating that your device probably has a connectivity problem.

You can also use an internet speed test site to check your internet connection speed, but that will only provide information about your overall connection, not whether your actual streaming device is connected and has enough bandwidth. These sites are most useful if you are trying to stream through a browser using the amazon web player

Amazon Video has the following bandwidth requirements:

  • Standard definition video: at least 1MB/s
  • High definition content: at least 5MB/s

How to restart the device and the home network

Since the error code Amazon 1060 is a connectivity code, sometimes just turning off the device and the computer on the home network is enough to solve the problem. The thing is, connectivity issues can arise when your device and network equipment are on and connected for a long time, and restarting everything forces them to establish new connections.

To restart your computer, you’ll usually need to turn everything off and then unplug everything from power. If you’re streaming on a computer or laptop, simply shutting down and restarting usually works, while some streaming devices lack a power button and have to be unplugged. Network hardware can usually be turned off with a power switch or button, but you still have to unplug it.

Once everything has been turned off and unplugged, you’ll have to wait a while before plugging everything back in. Some devices only take between 10 and 20 seconds, while others have to remain unplugged for a minute or so.

Once you have restarted your device and your home network, and everything is connected again, you can check if the error code 1060 is still present.

Ways to improve your Internet connection

There are many things you can do to improve your Internet connection. If your streaming device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the signal may be too weak to stream. In that case, you’ll need to make sure your streaming device has the strongest possible connection by rearranging the position of the streaming device, the router and any moving obstructions.

In addition to obstructions and the sheer distance between the streaming and the router, Interference from other wireless devices, interference from other wireless networks, and congestion from other devices that require bandwidth can also cause this problem. Try moving or removing the interfering devices, switch to a channel wireless not congested or use a wired Ethernet connection.

If possible, you can try connecting your streaming device directly to your modem with a physical Ethernet cable. This configuration will not be viable as a permanent solution, but it will provide you with valuable information. If you can stream without seeing error code 1060, then you know that your Internet connection is not to blame, and that it is a weak signal, a misconfigured router, or some other related problem.

When to contact your Internet Service Provider or Amazon

If you are still seeing error code 1060 when trying to stream from Amazon after following all of these steps, then you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider or Amazon. There may be a hardware problem with your modem or router, a problem with your Internet service provider or a problem with the Amazon servers. These aren’t usually issues that can be fixed right away, but your service provider or Amazon may remain oblivious to the issue if you don’t contact them.

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