How to Cancel Avast Subscription on Android & iOS

how to cancel avast subscription

How to Cancel Avast Subscription? Well, you might also think the same, right? Usually, most users feel difficult to cancel their subscription. But not at all!! The process is quite simple. Before learning the detailed process, what is the importance of Avast in our system? Many users face uncertainties and the issues like getting attack with the data breaching. Probably people billion in number were facing this issue.

Hence to keep your data safe or secure/ to maintain your system safe by not getting attacked with the threats/ virus/ trojan/ malware/ any need the complete protection. This is possible by setting up our device with anti-virus software. Thus the name of it is Avast. This is what acts as a protection layer against the various malware attacks. But to access this, one must download such a wonderful program on the device initially.

how to cancel avast subscription

People access this software program to keep the system always secure. Not just protects from spam/ malware attacks but also smoothens the functioning part of the system to the higher. Hence downloading it and accessing the same is quite simple. But you may get doubts about how to cancel Avast Subscription? No problem. We are here to explain the same in simple words. Let’s get into the concept deeper.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription

How to cancel Avast subscription on pc? / website? Canceling Avast Subscription is quite easy. Follow the below steps or instructions to cancel the subscription successfully. So, are you ready to learn? Here we go.

  • Visit the official Avast website.
  • Sign up for your account by providing the login credentials like email id and password.
  • Choose the option called Subscriptions
  • This is the place where you are going to find out the unsubscribe option. Tap on it.

how to cancel avast subscription on pc

  • Set up the date by which you are likely to unsubscribe the Avast.

avast how to cancel subscription

  • Once done tap on Got it.
  • Within a short amount of time, you are going to get the confirmation email saying the Avast subscription has been canceled successfully.

This way you can simply unsubscribe from the amazing anti-virus program so-called Avast from your device without facing even a single hurdle.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription on Android?

Are you using Android Mobile? Well, if in that case follow the below instructions to cancel the subscription over the Android Smartphones.

  • Open your mobile and visit the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the profile which is present on the right-top corner of the screen.
  • You see the menu-lists of options like manage apps and devices, library, payment, and subscriptions, play protect, notification and offers, settings, help, and feedback.

how to cancel avast cleanup premium subscription

  • Tap on payment and subscriptions.
  • Again select the option called subscriptions from the lists of options like payment methods, subscriptions, budget, and history, redeem gift code.
  • Select VPN secure line by Avast.
  • Finally, tap on cancel subscription which is seen at the bottom of the mobile screen.
  • If the window prompts and asks you whether to pause the subscription.

how to cancel avast 60 day trial

  • Click on the no thanks button.
  • Provide the reason if you prefer.

can't cancel avast subscription

  • Now finally click on cancel subscription again by simply confirming it.
  • That’s it!!

How to Cancel Avast Subscription on iOS?

The Avast subscription can be easily canceled even on iOS-oriented devices. Like you need to follow the below simple instructions. So, therefore, let’s begin.

  • Open the iOS device.
  • Move to the App Store.
  • Click on the profile image which is present in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Pick the option called Subscriptions.
  • Select the option called Avast SecureLine VPN proxy.

avast cancel subscription refund

  • Finally, tap on cancel subscription.
  • Confirm the same again.

This way you can easily cancel the subscription on the iOS device.

How to Cancel Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription

To cancel the Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription, follow the below instructions carefully and apply the same to get succeed in the cancellation process.

avast cleanup premium subscription

  • The very first, visit the official website
  • Sign in by mentioning the login credentials like email id and password.
  • Once the empty fields were entered, tap on sign-in.
  • Right on the home page, you see the option called subscriptions.
  • Choose the type of subscription you really looking forward to canceling.
  • Tap cancel the subscription and confirm it again by tapping on the ok button.
  • Whereas to turn off the Avast premium, go to the option called windows taskbar.
  • Locate the avast which is appeared in the orange color icon.
  • Perform a right-click on it.
  • Locate the option called Avast shields control.
  • Pick the option any from disabling for 10 minutes, disable for 1 hour, or till the system performs the restart.
  • Confirm any as per your need and tap on yes again when the window prompts on the screen.

This way you can easily disable the feature very well.

What if we Face Trouble in Canceling Avast Subscription?

This is when you face trouble at the time of performing the Avast anti-virus cancellation process. Hence, you all were requested to follow the below instructions shared in simple words.

  • Note down the order id which is located in the email you received.
  • Next to this, visit the Avast customer support page. This is the place where we can see the canceling subscriptions.
  • Fill out the complete needful details at the empty fields provided.
  • Finally, click on submit request.

This way you can easily get rid of the trouble in canceling the Avast Subscription.


The steps provided for how to cancel an Avast subscription might be crystal clear. For more details, make sure you get back with the techygun and learn some useful tutorials that are going to be shared here in detail.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription on Android & iOS

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